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Once an individual accepts to get treatment, they decide, or professionals recommend, a rehab program to facilitate recovery. You can enroll in either inpatient or outpatient rehab, depending on your needs. Inpatient rehab requires individuals to stay at the facility 24/7 for a given period. 

An inpatient rehab program has a lot of benefits however, some people are unable to commit fully to the program for any number of personal, familial, or work-related reasons so enrolling in outpatient treatment is more appropriate.. 

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab in Orange County is a form of drug rehab where an individual spends some time at a rehab center and home. Usually, you will visit the treatment center for a few hours during the day, only for a few days in the week. 

There are two forms of outpatient treatment. You can differentiate them by the amount of time you spend in treatment. They include:

Standard Outpatient Rehab

In standard outpatient rehab, you will have sessions one or two days a week in treatment. The standard outpatient program usually lasts for about three months. 

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

In case the addiction and withdrawal symptoms are intense, you can start with the intensive outpatient program. Patients usually spend about five days a week at the treatment center. 

Continuing Care

Continuing care features the use of support groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous to offer and receive ongoing support. The groups usually help people struggling with a certain addiction. However, they have variations like age-specific or gender-specific meetings to address more specific needs. Support groups usually have sessions once a week. 


Outpatient rehab sessions usually feature counseling and therapy. You will learn how to identify your triggers and coping mechanisms to deal with them. A licensed therapist usually directs outpatient therapy sessions. 


What Are The Benefits of Outpatient Treatment in Orange County?

Outpatient rehab has numerous benefits. Studies show that outpatient rehab, especially intensive outpatient rehab, may have similar effects as inpatient or residential rehab. The benefits of outpatient drug rehab include:

Flexibility To Fulfil Other Obligations

Outpatient rehab is a flexible form of addiction treatment. You can get treatment and fulfill other obligations like school and work. It is also convenient because you get to be there for your family. However, you may need to get some time off, especially at the start when you have intense withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, work and school can be a healthy way to occupy your mind and time to avoid substance abuse cravings and triggers. 

It Provides Access to Family Support

Support from family and friends is important for the recovery of any disease. Remember, addiction is a disease. Moreover, research shows that isolation poses a lot of threats to successful addiction recovery.

Outpatient rehab offers more access to family interactions and support as opposed to inpatient treatment. It features family therapy sessions. Your family will get the chance to attend some of the treatment sessions and learn more about what you are going through. Moreover, they will also learn how they can help you stay on the path to recovery and maintain sobriety. 

You have the chance to establish a strong support system to help you overcome various issues and challenges to stay sober

It Is Affordable

Cost is one of the main reasons people enroll in outpatient treatment programs. Moreover, it is as effective as inpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab is more affordable than inpatient rehab. The inpatient treatment cost is significantly higher because the rehab facility provides room, board, and 24/7 care. Outpatient rehab is affordable because there are fewer sessions with your therapist, and the patients stay at home. Moreover, you can finance your outpatient care as you keep working.  

Offers Discrete Treatment

There are those individuals who fail to get treatment because of embarrassment or shame. Others, like celebrities may get in the spotlight and unwanted attention if they get treatment. Outpatient treatment is ideal for people in such situations. You will not have to be away for a noticeably long time. Moreover, the treatment centers maintain the privacy of their patients. Furthermore, outpatient support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous promote the anonymity of their patients in their meetings. 

The discretion helps patients to gain confidence and respond well to the treatment programs. 

It Facilitates a Recovery Community

Outpatient rehab enables patients to build a recovery community and support each other throughout recovery. You will meet your peer facing similar challenges, and you can motivate and support each other to long-term recovery. There are programs like Narcotics Anonymous that offer ongoing support for a long while. 

It provides the chance to establish a community that supports each other in the long-term and creates or life-long friendships. 



Once you decide to get treatment, you can choose either inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on your needs. Inpatient rehab is highly beneficial because you will be under medical care 24/7 until the program ends. However, some patients are not able to attend inpatient treatment for various reasons. 

Outpatient treatment is the next best option for such patients. It is as effective as inpatient treatment. There are three main types of outpatient rehab programs. They include intensive outpatient treatment, standard outpatient treatment, and continuing support. 

Outpatient programs have five major benefits. They are affordable, flexible to school, career, or family needs, accommodate family support in treatment, are discreet, and facilitate the establishment of a long-term support community.


Do You Need Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County, CA?

Outpatient rehab programs are available at Coastline Behavioral Health in Orange County, CA. We will customize treatment to your various needs, including your schedule, recovery needs, and more. You can also get other treatment programs like detox, inpatient rehab, and luxury rehab for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. 

Moreover, we also offer mental health treatment for issues like including dual diagnosis, PTSD, and more. Contact us now at (714)841-2260 to get outpatient and other drug rehab programs for you or someone close to you. 

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