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Drug Addiction Dependence

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Drug Addiction Dependence Facts

The last stage of addiction is drug addiction dependence. This is the stage where the individual lives in an unrelenting state of intoxication. By this point, the individual is probably crossed into addiction and everything else in their lives has become unimportant. As a result, they have likely walked away from their jobs, responsibilities, and even their families and friends. The effects of drug addiction dependence effects have increased in severity as well. Some individuals will experience blackouts as the alcohol addiction leads them to drink themselves into a constant state of intoxication. As a result, their outward appearance will begin to show signs of deterioration.  With the lack of concern for appearance also comes an increase of lingering health issues that become apparent to anyone they spend time with.

Quite often, individuals with drug addiction dependence have already turned to more potent drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and meth. With this comes an increased risk of dangerous exposure to sexually transmitted disease and overdose. Entire families are disrupted by the mental instabilities that drug use and drug addiction dependence brings into the environment. The individuals are often full of regret and self-hatred at this point, although those who live with them might not understand this. Deep depression and increase of suicidal thoughts or idolizations may also be present, and if left alone, can lead to suicide attempts. Along with the changes in behavior and affect, the individual my also become increasingly violent and difficult to control in the home. Helping a loved one who has descended into this kind of addiction hell will need professional help to gain control over their drug addiction dependence.

Drug Addiction Dependence Truths

Drug addiction dependence is a treatable disease, although the recovery process will require an investment from the individual as well as their support group. Often, individuals will relapse and experience setbacks but lasting sobriety is possible. Drug addiction dependence can affect a person’s ability to process, retain information and focus for any extended period of time. Other areas that are affected are brain centers that involve emotions, decision-making, and movement. When the levels of drugs or alcohol begin to drop within the body, the brain becomes wired to send out urgent messages to continue use. Drug addiction dependants require continued drug use to function every day.

Drug Addiction Dependence Treatment

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Drug Addiction Dependence Symptoms

Many families contact us looking for answers about the signs and symptoms of drug addiction dependence they see in their loved one. There are certain symptoms of drug addiction dependence that are true markers of the progression of the disease. Most are unfamiliar with the treatment methods used for drug addiction dependence, and may not understand how important outside help from an inpatient rehab center in Huntington Beach is. Your family member is living with a drug addiction dependence when the following symptoms are evident:

  • Uncontrolled use of illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Lying about addiction symptoms
  • Continued use despite harm to self
  • Complete avoidance of family and friends
  • Cessation of participation in activities and hobbies
  • Inability to function without the aid of chosen drugs
  • Inability to see the damaging effects of drug-seeking behaviors
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