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Codependency Treatment

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What is Codependency Treatment?

Let’s start with a clear definition of what codependency is. Codependency is often classified as a psychological situation where one individual is too invested in another individuals issues, often inappropriately. This condition can take on different symptoms, if you will, depending on the level of codependency and the addiction issues present. For some, control is the main component in their codependent relationship. For other individuals, it might be the desire to fix situations for the other person. Whatever the motivation, codependency in relationships is a marker of dysfunction and requires codependency treatment plans.

For individuals needing codependency treatment, there are oven underlying issues that can contribute to these sorts of relationships. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has referred to codependency as a situation where “another individual, perhaps the addict’s spouse or family member, is controlled by an addict’s addictive behavior”. When this sort of inappropriate dependence on another exists, it can actually contribute to drug abuse or drug dependency.

About Codependency Treatment

Individuals struggling codependency issues usually have a history of sexual abuse, childhood trauma, family members with heroin addiction, MDMA addiction or illicit drug addiction of their own. It is not unusual for these individuals to seek relationships with others who have alcohol addiction themselves. Intimacy disorders and past domestic abuse also appear to impact the likelihood that these individuals will seek out relationships that are codependent. Codependency treatment is important for the support partner of an addict as they are often left out of treatment plans. When there are codependency issues and substance addiction problems, Coastline advises intensive codependency treatment for those individuals needing help regrouping while their loved one is in an alcohol rehab center in Huntington Beach.

Codependency treatment is a process that cannot be rushed. Much like addiction treatment in Huntington Beach, dealing with codependency before inpatient rehab is completed is vital to the success of addiction recovery for addicts. Without renewed hope, clear boundaries, and realistic expectations, the risk of slipping back into unhealthy patterns is quite high. The process of wading through the emotional and psychological issues can be very difficult and painful. Often times codependency treatment requires clients to be willing to acknowledge denial and unhealthy coping responses that have contributed to the codependency.

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When to Seek Codependency Treatment

In order to begin codependency treatment in Huntington Beach, individuals must first understand how unhealthy their relationships have become. Taking time to speak with therapists and counselors about codependency treatment is an important first step in the healing process. Understanding how codependency has impaired appropriate boundaries and even contributed to drug addiction and alcohol abuse can reveal a lot about the root of dependency issues.

Learning to recognize the contributing factors to codependent behavior is the key to making lasting changes that benefit both the addict and their support system.

Should you find that you have codependency and are seeking addiction rehab programs for yourself or for a loved one, Coastline has counselors ready to answer any and all of your questions. The first step in your recovery journey can begin today with our codependency treatment program in Huntington Beach.

Signs and Symptoms of Codependency

Codependency is often classified as a serious mental health issue that has far reaching implications for all affected. Codependency affects individuals by causing deeply ingrained habits that can be very difficult to break free from. When an individual is struggling with codependency and addiction the ability to process and react appropriately to feelings and experiences becomes labored. Often our clients are unaware of their codependence before coming to inpatient drug rehab in Huntington Beach. Often, people will shut down memories and traumas from childhood, and develop unhealthy ways of dealing with their thoughts and emotions.
It becomes our task to help clients learn how to identify and address unhealthy behaviors that have, in many cases, contributed to opiate addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. The following list is quite comprehensive, and most individuals will not have everything on this list. Should you read though and find that many of these sound familiar and are either struggling with these symptoms yourself or recognize them in others, it might be time to call Coastline for information and support.
  • Feeling unlovable or unworthy of other’s love
  • Inability to accept responsibility for mistakes
  • Insatiable desire to always appear right
  • Lying or exaggerating to look important
  • Relying on other’s opinions to measure self-worth
  • Difficulty establishing appropriate boundaries
  • Loyalty that prevents recognition of unhealthy relationships
  • Overanalyzing decisions and life changes
  • Aversion to conflict and confrontational situations
  • Suppressing feeling or emotions in order to avoid being vulnerable
  • Overcritical self-evaluation
  • Feeling responsible for loved ones care
  • Inability to complete work or tasks in a timely fashion
  • Embarrassment when complimented or recognized
  • Compromising beliefs and personal integrity in order to avoid confrontation
  • Difficulty asking for needs and wants to be met by others
Should you recognize some of these codependency signs and symptoms in yourself, we urge you to get codependency treatment now. When codependency behaviors are not treated, individuals often develop physical symptoms and illnesses brought on by stress. Alcoholism, opiate addiction and even bulimia can be the result of unaddressed dependency in relationships. Remaining in a dysfunctional codependent relationship will cause immeasurable damage to both parties. Reaching out to medical health professionals is the first step in addressing the underlying reasons.
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