Choosing an Orange County Detox Center for your addiction to drugs or alcohol is not an easy decision. When you begin looking for a detox center, there are several things you should ask yourself to determine which facility will best fit your needs and provide you with the best chance of recovery long-term.

The Detox Experience

When you arrive at in Orange County detox center, you will be taken through the intake process. A therapist will be assigned to you to help you work on your recovery. The therapist would ask you many questions about your history with drugs and your prior use. It is imperative to be as honest as you can about your answers to they can provide you with the best care. Your therapist will work alongside you to devise a treatment plan that is individualized for your specific needs.

After the intake process is completed, the therapist will give you a tour of the Orange County detox facility so you will know where everything is. After the tour, you will go to your room. A detox counselor will search through your belongings to ensure you didn’t bring drugs or alcohol with you. If you did, they will be taken from you until you leave the facility. Some facilities also consider over-the-counter medications and electronics as contraband.

After you have had time to settle in, a complete physical exam will be given to identify any underlying conditions that need to be considered during your detox. Many patients addicted to drugs and alcohol enter Orange County detox dehydrated and malnourished, so these problems will need to be addressed.

It can take between a few days to several weeks to fully detox from the drugs and alcohol in your system. The length of time will depend on many factors, such as the severity of your addiction and your level of health. Depending on your addiction, medications may be given to lessen your cravings and help with withdrawal symptoms.

If you need medications during your detox, they will be closely monitored by your doctor to ensure you have no adverse reactions. Your doctor may also supply you with other medications to help with your issues, including nutritional supplements.


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