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Alcohol & Drug Detox in Orange County, CA

Many people seeking drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab in Orange County, California will initially need to go through the detoxification process in an Orange County detox facility. This is the first step in their substance abuse treatment & recovery program. Chemical dependence causes changes in the brain, the process of drug detox or alcohol detox is the removal of these harmful substances from the body. During a drug and alcohol detox program one experiences intense, uncomfortable, physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Some of these side effects include delirium tremens, chills, body ache, blurred vision, tactile disturbances, irritability, nausea, vomiting, anger, headache, stomach discomfort, depression, sadness and anxiety.

The severity of the detox depends on the substances used and the length of abuse. A typically client will take an average of one week to detox from alcohol, heroin, opiates and other drugs and up to a month to fully detox from other forms of substance abuse. It it common for withdrawal symptoms to appear in the first 7 to 10 days, after which people tend to begin to feel better and they start feeling physical and emotional improvements. Once they start to feel better physically and mentally, they able and willing to participate in day to day programming. After clients have completed the first part of their Orange County detox program from their primary narcotic (drug or alcohol), detox treatment then focuses on identifying and providing psycho-education on Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). Many recount the severity of their detox and express relief once their withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

Orange County Detox Programs

In addition to alcohol addiction, there are many types of illicit and prescription drugs that have brought addiction into homes across the nation. The surge in alcohol and drug addictions in Southern California has created an urgent need for detox services in Orange County, developed specifically with men in mind. Since men metabolize drugs and alcohol differently, detox programs must address the physical and psychological treatment needs of the individual. Detoxification treatment programs provide treatments for the following substances:
  • Alcohol Detox
  • Illicit Drug Detox
  • Barbiturate Detox
  • Benzodiazepine Detox
  • Painkiller Detox
  • Morphine Detox

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3 Stages of an Orange County Detox Program

1. Evaluation from professionals

Before any medications for addiction are administered each client will undergo an extensive intake evaluation. The purpose is to gather any and all health and wellness information that may impact drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans and transition into an addiction treatment center rehab program. Our luxury residential treatment center and executive rehab facilities afford privacy and comfort. A full physical is given, including blood-work and drug testing for recent chemical dependency. Since mental health issues play an enormous roll in drug and alcohol detox and recovery, a mental health evaluation will also be completed. These exams will give addiction treatment specialists a clear picture of the overall situation.

2. Stabilization

Clients will enter a period of stabilization as their systems rid themselves of harmful chemicals and toxins. This part of the detox process and related side effects can vary greatly from person to person the length of drug or alcohol addiction.  Additionally, men and women respond to the withdrawal process in different ways. Patients in a detox treatment plan for a long-term addiction can experience more complicated and uncomfortable side effects during the drug detox period. Side effects also vary by drug or alcohol abused. Heroin and meth are notoriously difficult to detox from as compared to benzodiazepines, although benzo detox carries different risks.

The unhealthy diets of many addicts have contributed to poor health & illnesses. Introducing good eating habits including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats can be the first step towards regaining an interest in wholesome food again. Drug abuse results in vitamin deficiencies, supplements help boost Vitamin B, C and E levels which are restorative properties the body craves during addiction recovery.

Counseling and group meetings at our residential treatment center begin during the drug and alcohol detox process and are beneficial for the incoming client and current residents. For new drug detox patients experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, the hope that comes from seeing healing addicts can be vital to their own addiction recovery journey. For those in the middle of their Orange County detox and inpatient rehab programs, seeing firsthand where they came from and how much personal healing has taken place can be the encouragement needed to finish detox treatment strong. Many clients express that the bonds made during the first phase of addiction treatment were some of the strongest and healthiest they have ever experienced.

3. Transition

Transition is the natural progression of treatment services following detox in Orange County. Before this transition process can take place, patients have begun to take responsibility for their own health and life choices. This can be liberating for most as it may be the first time they have felt in control of their lives for a very long time. The fresh start of healthy eating habits and development of new life skills pays off in a major way and the reward is feeling alive again. Most people continue in our inpatient rehab treatment programs for drugs and alcohol as healing has only just begun to take hold.

For these changes to become ingrained someone’s daily life, the need for individual treatment or group therapy sessions often becomes apparent. Men and women each have their own addiction story, with each story comes pain, heartache, and regrets. For one to control & deal with these lingering emotional issues, one on one counseling, medications and individualized treatment therapies are often added. The safety of our drug rehab facilities gives men a chance to further develop the necessary skills for sober living once the detoxification program for addiction is complete.

Detox Support At A Residential Treatment Center


For most individuals working through our drug and alcohol treatment programs, detox can be the most difficult step. The need for additional peer and mentor support through therapies and counseling can make all the difference. Men continuing in our treatment programs have access to experiential therapies which help emotional healing, rebuilding of trust and improved relationship skills.

We provide one on one counseling with addiction therapists and 12-step programs and encourage all our clients to participate in a variety of activities that push them towards continued sobriety.

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For all entering our drug and alcohol detox program, our focus is on the patient first. Everyone should be comfortable and surrounded by support staff who work hard to lead them to a fresh start through our detox process. The first step that must take place for true addiction recovery to begin is the person’s willingness to accept the help offered. We understand drug and alcohol detox personally as many of our staff have gone through residential drug detox programs. As a result, we have compassion for our clients and seek to support each person while they are going through the detoxification process in our facility.

Our number one goal is to provide you or your loved ones a restful and restorative environment where healing and recovery begin. Successful drug and alcohol detox involves a team of addiction specialists who give each person the time and attention needed to bring true change. Long term sobriety is always the focus and we are dedicated to equipping individuals with the life skills needed to maintain their fresh start & recovery once detox and rehab are complete.

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