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Drug Experimentation

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Drug Experimentation Facts

Drug experimentation begins when an individual begins to use drugs or alcohol in situations where others are drinking and drugs are available.  These individuals can be adults dealing with pressures and stress in their lives that push them to find relief. Teenagers are probably the most vulnerable to drug experimentation as peer pressure and widespread acceptance of drug use surrounds them everywhere they go. Most individuals experimenting with illicit drugs or alcohol view their activity as a way to unwind and think of this as being low risk. The idea of consequences is occasionally considered, but now a big worry in this stage of addiction. There also no drug or alcohol cravings and individuals are able to manage their use.

This type of drug and alcohol use is often viewed as inconsequential by those actively experimenting with drugs. The use becomes an issue when an individual uses while driving themselves or others, and when pregnant. Many drugs are harmful to the fetus and can cause serious health risks for both the mother and child. The greatest risk while in the experimentation stage is the likelihood of developing patterns of illicit drug abuse and binge drinking. The reality is that any experimental drug use can lead to a serious drug addiction that will require inpatient drug treatment in Huntington Beach.

Drug Experimentation Truths

Drug experimentation is not as innocent as most individuals perceive it to be. In fact, those first few hits of ecstasy or meth can cause a person to have a positive view on drug experimentation as the feelings are so strong and pleasurable. When using illicit drugs such as heroin and oxycodone, the sensation of feeling high is actually a chemical response within the brain and central nervous system. These chemical responses can quickly alter an individual’s brain chemistry, inviting the repeated use of their desired drug of choice. Should you feel a loved one might be experimenting with drugs and alcohol it is wise to contact professional help. Coastline Rehab Centers offers clients outpatient therapies and programs that can help families avoid the heartache that full-blown drug addiction causes.

Learn About Drug Experimentation

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Drug Experimentation Risks

Drug experimentation is not without considerable risks. It might be surprising to learn that many drug addicts who started with experimentation believed that drugs such as marijuana were safer than crack cocaine abuse or heroin abuse. The truth is that marijuana and alcohol use both increase the risk of injury to self as they can make users feel disconnected from reality and unaware of the situations they are in. When dealing with the realities of drug and alcohol experimentation, it is important to remember that all illicit street drugs carry side effects and pose a substantial risk to the user, both short term and long term. These effects can include memory and learning trouble, cardiac disease, anxiety and depression and even cancer.

Another risk associated with drug experimentation is continued involvement in peer groups where illicit drug use and alcohol abuse are commonplace. Some studies have shown that there is a 90% chance that teens who continue to belong to these groups will become addicted before leaving high school. To find out more about our teen addiction programs, contact Coastline Rehab Centers in Huntington Beach, CA. When drinking begins at younger ages the link to binge drinking is quite high. Alcohol addiction can become a lifelong battle, as can heroin addiction.

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