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About Crack Addiction

Crack cocaine is actually another form of cocaine. Crack addiction has become a growing concern for households across the country over the past decades. Crack addiction has become a major contributor to the need for inpatient drug addiction rehab centers. It remains a popular party drug because it is readily available, very powerful and relatively inexpensive compared to other illicit drugs sold on the street or at parties.

Crack cocaine is considered to be a stimulant and when taken, takes effect very quickly, causing an intense high. Stimulant drugs have effects on other body functions, not just the central nervous system. Some begin using illicit drugs such as crack cocaine as a way to gain productivity and physical energy, but most use the drug for its other enticing side effects. When crack is smoked, it will cross into the bloodstream very rapidly and immediately cause pleasurable sensations. One of the main differences between crack abuse and use of other drugs including powder cocaine is that the cycle of abuse carries higher risks of crack addiction.

Some of the feelings that those with crack addiction feel when under the influence of the drug are a sense of euphoria that distorts reality. Others enjoy the high as a way to escape the issues of everyday life, and are boosted by the energy crack abuse causes. The heightened ability to focus and feelings of importance also feed crack addiction rates. Crack got its name from the sound that it makes when it is heated up. There are many street names for crack such as jelly beans, dice, candy, rocks, cookies and base. Crack is sold on the streets as yellow or white rocks. Should you suspect that a loved one is struggling with crack addiction we recommend contacting us today and speaking with one of our crack rehab counselors.

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Crack Addiction Signs

Crack cocaine is one of the more dangerous drugs sold on the street today. Because of its powerful effects, crack addicts often report getting hooked following their first high. Unlike drugs such as marijuana, crack is not a drug that many can use recreationally without becoming dependent. Should loved ones find drug paraphernalia used for smoking crack cocaine, steps should be taken to inquire about inpatient crack rehab in Huntington Beach. Crack addiction can be directly contributed to the intense high it gives its users. The feelings of euphoria, combined with excess energy and focus make it an attractive drug for many teens and adults.

Often parents notice changes in their loved one that happen over a relatively short period of time. Some of these changes may include weight loss and personality changes, but another sign of crack abuse is the smell that crack creates when smoked. It may be time to explore a loved one’s room for signs of crack and crack pipes.

Symptoms of Crack Addiction

There are both physical and psychological symptoms of crack addiction. Some of the physical symptoms of crack addiction might be the following:
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle twitches
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Large dilated pupils
  • Sudden Nosebleeds
  • High blood pressure
Some psychological and behavioral symptoms of crack addiction may also be a tip off for illicit drug addiction in a loved one. These symptoms can be the following:
  • Unexplained aggression
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Drug-seeking behaviors
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Spending all resources on drugs
  • Ignoring personal relationships
  • Unemployment
  • Trouble with the law
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