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BOSS Program

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BOSS Program

The BOSS (Budgets, Occupations, Schedules, and Sobriety) Program was created to support clients in their goals to get a job, manage their time, and save money while maintaining a strong program in sobriety. Coastline Behavioral Health is passionate about seeing our clients succeed by preparing themselves for a new-found life outside of treatment and to become self-supporting members of society. The program is integrated with our treatment program and includes group and individual sessions.


While many were using, budgeting, having a bank account, or money in their pocket may have been a very low priority in their life. And for others, their addiction may have brought financial troubles and ruin through reckless behaviors, lost jobs, and spending to support their addiction. Through focused therapy groups, clients are able to take small steps to learn about money and to learn effective ways to become financially responsible. Even simple things like learning how to create a monthly spending budget based on realistic goals are one of the first steps in our BOSS Program.

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We work with several community organizations such as Youth Employment Services (YES) and WorkForce Edge that provides resources for putting together resumes, goal setting for short term and long term employment, dressing for an interview and practice questions that are often asked by potential employers during an interview. Through encouragement, clients are able to recognize (many for the first time in their lives) that they have something valuable to offer a potential employer. It is these first steps in seeking a job that helps shape a healthy future in sobriety.


Effective time management while in treatment and as clients continue their life in recovery are important. First to learn how to manage the day to day responsibilities of family, work, exercise and other personal interests, while ensuring 12 Step recovery is placed at the top of their list. Our case managers work with clients beginning in their first few days of treatment to set the proper expectations for program hours, chores, and meeting schedules. Then as clients continue through the program, scheduling for interviews and work are then incorporated into their weekly schedules. It is about learning to be accountable and responsible.


When we stop using, reality sets in, our conscious floods with horrors of the past. Our ability to numb and discard our emotions is no longer an option, this is when the real work begins. From our personal experiences, we encourage involvement in support programs, such as 12-step groups, that can greatly increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. There are many types of recovery groups that can continue following inpatient discharge. The most common is group therapy such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can help addicts keep their lives headed in the right direction. As part of the BOSS Program, clients learn effective ways to ensure support groups and time with their 12-step sponsors are a priority in working with their weekly schedules.

Benefits of BOSS

  • Learn basic principles and practices useful for gaining employment
  • Explore past habits that have helped or hindered progress
  • Become employable and financially stable.
  • Create a daily/weekly schedule which maximizes time and energy
  • Internalize the principles of responsibility and accountability maintenance
  • Utilize tools for self-discipline and practical life skills
  • Develop a mindset focused on effective problem-solving and communication
  • Establish long-range goals and concrete objectives
  • Continue progress toward independent living

Highlights of BOSS

  • Peer Support Groups – discuss intentions and challenges
  • Educational Groups – Learn practical life skills and applications
  • Guest Speakers – Gain knowledge and insight from experts
  • Community Resources – Access to organizations that support their goals
  • Community Partnerships – Work with Coastline partners to support their goals
  • Dress for Success – Access to dress clothes for job interviews
  • BOSS Toolkit – Clients are given a booklet with helpful resources and tips for success
  • BOSS Portfolio – Clients create a collection of their best work for future reference
  • Community Celebration – Recognize positive growth and outcomes together
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