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Illicit Drug Facts

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Facts About Illicit Drugs

Based on information provided by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than 20 million Americans over the age of 12 had reported to using an illicit drug during the previous 30 day period. This is a shocking number, especially when considering the age parameters. The estimated costs to society as a result of this reported illicit drug abuse is sobering. The cost of lost productivity has been estimated at $130 Billion dollars.

Healthcare costs incurred as a result of illicit drug abuse and addiction are estimated to be at least $20 Billion dollars. The burden on the legal system should not be underestimated as it is reported that $40 Billion has been spent in a attempt to stop the flow of illicit drugs in America. The information on illicit drug facts is growing by the day, as we learn more about the true costs of this drug epidemic.

The Cost Of Illicit Drug Addiction

There are costs that are not specifically monetary, but also negatively impact families and society on the whole. The spread of infectious diseases is much higher in the illicit drug community as sharing of needles and other methods of exposure are rampant. Information collected on illicit drug facts also indicates that homelessness, crime and fractured families all have direct roots in illicit drug abuse and heroin addiction. Even the unborn are vulnerable as they are reliant on their mothers to remain sober and drug-free during the course of the pregnancy.

Heroin addiction and other illicit drug addictions can be treated with inpatient drug rehab in Huntington Beach. Without heroin drug detox or alcohol recovery programs most addicts would have little hope of achieving sobriety. Understanding more about the illicit drug facts that can feed opiates dependence can help families deal with their loved one’s drug treatment needs.

Dual Addictions Can Be Treated

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