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Partial Hospitalization Program

For some, in the early addiction stages, it is critical for an addict to live on-site. At Coastline Behavioral Health, we offer an intensive partial hospitalization program for addicts who have completed a detox program for drugs or alcohol. Our Partial Hospitalization Program also welcomes those who have completed a residential addiction treatment program and don’t require constant medical monitoring but still need a high level of recovery support.

Along with ensuring accountability and structure, our partial hospitalization program offers flexibility to recovering individuals. It enables them to be at home with their families during the night.

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PHP Programs At Coastline Behavioral Health

A Coastline Behavioral Health PHP program provides recovering addicts with several hours of therapy and skill-building during the day. Addicts typically stay in the facility for up to 20 hours a week.

Our Partial Hospitalization Treatment combines the treatment approaches of outpatient individual and group counseling with medical services.

We have a team of highly qualified, trained, and experienced nurses and physicians, offering clinical care for medically supervised withdrawals. We admit two types of recovering addicts who:

  • Have completed a residential inpatient program and are now looking to the intensity of services;
  • Are experiencing relapses on the recovery journey and require intensive care for stabilization.

Our team thoroughly assesses the condition of a recovering addict before developing a treatment plan instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all solution. We take pride in providing these individuals with an opportunity to transition from an inpatient or detox program into a more flexible alternative without compromising the quality of services and care provided.

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Benefits Of Partial Hospitalization Programs

At Coastline Behavioral Health, our PHP program offers the following benefits for addicts seeking help from a substance abuse treatment center:

Customized Treatment Plans

Our staff takes on a patient-centered approach and ensures that the treatment plans align with an individual’s unique needs and conditions.

Affordable Treatment

Since the residential component is not involved, PHP is less expensive than inpatient programs. You will have to pay much less to get the same treatment services, support, and amenities at our facility, if not better.

Easy Transition into Everyday Life

Our PHP program is an important step between residential and a less rigorous outpatient treatment program. Our services, care, and support make it easier for recovering addicts to reintegrate into daily life.

Flexible Schedules

We allow recovering individuals to spend quality time with their families every night and on weekends. The flexible nature of our partial hospitalization program also allows them to fulfill their school, work, or domestic obligations. This way, their addiction doesn’t interrupt their daily life activities.

How Does It Work?

A partial hospitalization program requires a recovering addict to attend treatment sessions five or seven days a week. They can go home once the sessions are completed.

Typically, individuals are brought in for Partial Hospitalization treatment during the first few days or weeks of their recovery journey. It is often after they show considerable improvement, and our specialists know that they are strong and healthy enough to leave the facility at night. The PHP program is also ideal for individuals who can’t stay away from home because of family commitments.

A partial hospitalization program is super structured and concentrated. A recovering addict may be transferred to the facility again if they don’t attend the treatment sessions regularly, don’t show signs of improvement, or experience a relapse.

How Effective Are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

A Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program helps alleviate symptoms of substance abuse and mental health illnesses, playing an integral role in helping individuals overcome addiction and restore their mental health. This program aims to help recovering addicts manage their alcohol and drug cravings while improving their ability to handle emotions and establish social and interpersonal relationships. The idea is to improve the overall quality of their lives.

What Can You Expect from a PHP at Coastline Behavioral Health?

Our Partial Hospitalization Programs include:

Individual Therapy

Recovering addicts work with a mental health professional to identify their addiction triggers and explore the skills needed to manage them, therapies include Cognitive Behavioral TherapyDialectical Behavior TherapyHolistic therapy program and a medication assisted treatment program.

Group Therapy

In group therapy sessions, several individuals work with a single therapist. These sessions offer an incredible opportunity to learn from the mental health professional and the experiences of fellow recovering addicts.

Addiction Education

A PHP aims to educate recovering addicts on matters related to drug and alcohol addiction. In training sessions, our experts explain how addiction develops and changes how a person thinks or feels.

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions aim to reverse the harmful effects of drug and alcohol addiction and help recovering addicts rekindle relationships with their family members and loved ones. In these sessions, an individual may talk to a mental health professional alone or in a group.

Medication Management

Understanding that substance abuse alters brain function at a cellular level is pertinent to beating addiction successfully. If an individual has experienced severe damage, they may find it difficult to focus on therapy.

Thankfully, medications like Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Acamprosate can help correct these chemical imbalances. Our specialists may give doses to the recovering addicts each time they come for treatment sessions and may even give them some to take at home.

Support Groups

One of the greatest benefits of joining a partial hospitalization program is that recovering addicts get to interact with and learn from the experiences of other individuals struggling with addiction. They can discuss what makes them crave alcohol or drugs and how they cope with the triggers.

Who Needs A PHP Program?

When an individual decides to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, they may find it difficult to navigate different levels of care. A formal evaluation from a specialist may help decide which addiction treatment program is ideal for them.

A partial hospitalization program is designed for recovering addicts who:

  • Have completed a residential treatment program but feel a risk of relapse
  • Need a higher level of care but can stay sober outside a rehab center
  • Face difficulty functioning at school or work or doing everyday activities
  • Are medically stable
  • Have adequate support at home
  • Are not at risk of harming themselves or others
  • Experience co-occurring disorders
  • Lack the motivation to continue treatment
  • Reside in an area where they are at risk of using drugs

What Is The Typical Duration Of Treatment?

PHP is usually a short-term treatment program aimed at improving the condition of a recovering individual so that they may move to a lower level of care. However, there is no exact period for the program to work. Individuals may have to participate in the program for a few weeks or several months, depending on their progress.

On average, a PHP lasts from one to six months. In some cases, it may only take a week or so. It is important to understand that each individual has a unique recovery journey. The right thing to do is focus on achieving treatment goals instead of a specific length of stay.

Throughout the treatment program, our team will take care of the specific needs of recovering individuals. By the time the program is completed, they will devise a plan for ongoing care to ensure that participants have important medical information and phone numbers needed to maintain sobriety.

How Much Does A Partial Hospitalization Program Cost?

A Partial Hospitalization Program is a step up from an Intensive Outpatient Program but less expensive than inpatient treatment. The following factors usually determine the cost of a PHP.


The location of the facility may influence the cost of a PHP. Programs such as those offered by Coastline Behavioral Health in desirable areas like near the beach generally cost more than those in less desirable areas. 

Amenities Offered

Facilities that offer amenities like private rooms, chef-prepared meals, and spa services also cost more than other programs. We offer a range of luxury rehab options and rehab for executives.

Length of Stay

The length of treatment is obviously the #1 factor in determining the overall cost of addiction treatment. Our client-first approach and tailored treatment options allow us to step-down the level of care as the patient progresses during rehab.

Insurance Coverage

The out of pocket cost of a partial hospitalization program will also be affected by the amount covered by the individual’s insurance policy, if available. 

3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In A PHP For Addiction Treatment

Our team helps determine if joining a PHP is the right step for a recovering addict by examining their:

Addiction History

It is critical to evaluate an individual’s addiction history to determine the ideal level of care for them. Generally, a long-standing alcohol or drug abuse problem is harder to address than one that’s recently started.

Individuals experiencing severe withdrawal or other side effects may also require intensive care that an outpatient setting does not offer.

Prior Treatment Approaches

Our team also inquires about the treatment approaches a recovering addict has tried previously. This is to get an idea of what does not work and what might. The partial hospitalization treatment plan is then devised accordingly.

Mental Health Condition

Individuals struggling with alcohol or drug addiction tend to often have mental health issues, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, or borderline personality disorder. This may complicate treatment and warrant a higher level of care.

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