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How Long Is Rehab?

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About Rehab Length

When you are about to enter rehab, many questions tend to come to mind. One of them is how long will you spend there. While many will prepare themselves for a 30 day or 60 days stay in a residential rehab center, most professionals recommend at least 90 days. There are several reasons for this; the first being continuity of care. For most addicted to heroin and other drugs, a short stay in rehab may not prove to be enough time to deal with the lingering physical and psychological issues. At Coastline Rehab Center, we are often asked by clients and their families what we would suggest given the specific drug abused and length of addiction. While we can make suggestions, the decision is ultimately up to the client unless court ordered otherwise.

Drug Detox and Rehab

The truth is that there is no set period of time for inpatient rehab and it depends on the individual and their personal situation. All drug rehab programs in Huntington Beach, CA begin with drug detox. This first step towards recovery includes a complete cleansing of toxins from the body. Depending on the type of illicit drug addiction this can take anywhere from hours to a week or more. While it is true that some drugs will not have withdrawal symptoms, most like heroin, meth, cocaine, opiates, and benzodiazepines do, and they can be quite severe. For example, benzodiazepine withdrawal is especially hard on the body and mind. Benzo withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, panic attacks, spasms, and even grand mal seizures are possible and will need medications for withdrawal.

As sobriety is the goal, the amount of time spent in our drug detox and rehab center should be viewed as an investment in the future. We love witnessing our client’s success. Our inpatient addiction rehab in Huntington Beach, CA is one of the finest along the Southern California coast. Each client that enters our doors is guaranteed to receive the finest addiction therapies and treatments available. For more information, reach out to us day or night. We are just a phone call away.

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Rehab Length Factors

There are several contributing factors our admission counselors take into consideration when preparing a treatment plan for each individual clients. The first factor involves an individual’s history of drug abuse or alcohol addiction. For clients arriving with no previous addiction issues, the timeline may shift slightly when compared to chronic relapse patients. Another factor taken into consideration is the depth and breadth of the addiction. If an individual has been using secretly for years before being caught or brought to a rehab center near me, the recommended treatment length will likely exceed a standard 90-day admission.

Depending on the type of substance abused the changes that take place in the brain while using may or may not be as damaging. It is true that every individual responds to drugs differently, but on a basic level heroin addiction is more complex to treat than certain psychedelic drugs. If there are co-occurring health issues such as behavioral disturbances or mental illness, the need for specific therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBA) will likely extend patients stay with us. Finally, for individuals who require special accommodations for physical, emotional or medical issues, the whole process can be stretched beyond 60 or 90 days. We cannot provide an accurate indication of what an individual’s rehab length without meeting and discussing all of the above in detail. Please reach out to our friendly counselors and make a no-obligation appointment to get answers to all your drug rehab questions.

We always remind our clients and their loved ones that drug detox and alcohol rehab are the first steps towards sobriety, and that treatment following any inpatient stay should be strongly considered for recovery success. There are many choices when it comes to outpatient rehab in Huntington Beach, CA.

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