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Commonly Asked Questions About Rehab

Before admitting yourself to a Southern California recovery center make sure that you have done all background checks and asked questions. Finding out what your rehab center offers and provides for clients during their stay is important. Since inpatient drug rehab is often the beginning of a new life for addicts, taking the time to inquire about specific rehab and recovery practices could make the difference. Most individuals seeking addiction rehab find the choices confusing, so at Coastline Rehab Centers we take the time to address every concern before treatment begins.

The following is a list of frequently asked rehab questions and answers. Should you need additional help navigating the many drug addiction treatment programs we offer, please contact us directly.

What does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

This is often the most asked question regarding drug rehabilitation centers before individuals commit. For many, the fear of the unknown is often greater than it needs to be. The costs associated with alcoholism treatment and addiction recovery should not be the reason client’s refuse care. The truth is there is no one figure to answer this or even an average. The true costs associated with rehab vary depending on several factors including:

  • Level of care required
  • Residential vs Outpatient
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Required
  • Access To Non-Profit Centers

Do not let finances keep you or your loved ones from receiving treatment now. The financial, emotional and psychological costs of substance addiction often far exceed the cost of treatment. With many options available for payment, Coastline Rehab Center can work with families to get individuals help immediately.

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Can I Get Sober On My Own?

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The reality is that the likelihood of getting and staying sober without medical, emotional and physical support is almost impossible. Many facing the truth about their substance abuse forget that addiction is classified as a disease. Ask yourself how many diseases you would choose to try and fight without medical care. The answer is probably zero.

Getting into a professional drug rehabilitation center greatly increases the probability that sustained sobriety can be achieved. Often, pride is the number one issue keeping addicts from seeking treatment. The shame associated with admitting addiction can overshadow any action taken to regain control. This, accompanied with the perceived negative stigma associated with inpatient drug rehab can deter individuals from seeking true freedom.

At Coastline Rehab Center, we understand that these factors can seem insurmountable, but rest assured that we have an army of medical and mental health professionals waiting to help you get your life back. Southern California treatment centers are designed to provide comfortable, safe environments that provide all the tools required to support addiction recovery. Contact us today to find out more about our programs and start your journey to sobriety.

Is My Addiction Bad Enough For Rehab?

Often denial is one of the first reactions when individuals are confronted with their drug and alcohol addiction issues. This denial, combined with pride can hinder recovery and prevent earlier intervention. The first step is to make a decision to reclaim live lost, and commit to getting and staying sober.

Answering questions regarding the extent of an individuals need for addiction rehab center admission requires understanding the level of addiction. The hard reality is that according to the SAMHSA’s more recent surveys on drug use, only 10 percent of struggling users and addicts actually received the needed drug treatments necessary to make lasting life changes. Of those questioned, most stated that they felt they had not hit rock bottom and therefore did not require intervention.

If you or someone you love is caught in the grip of drug or alcohol abuse, call our center today and gain insight concerning interventions and treatment options.


Should I Travel For Inpatient Rehab?


While many individuals seek dual diagnosis treatment centers near their homes, the reality is that inpatient rehab services should be chosen based on fit, not location. The time and financial investment made in recovery should be spent well, and if travel is an option, we encourage clients to consider rehab centers offering experiential treatments in Southern California.

The best fit for your addiction recovery might not be within driving distance. We encourage patients to carefully consider living environments, climate, access to nature, and types of therapies offered before committing to a local recovery network. There are professional treatment centers across the country that specialize in different types of addiction, as each specific treatment course may be varied. Contact Coastline Rehab Centers today to find out more about programs offered within our recovery network.

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How Do I Prepare For Rehab Admission?

After making the commitment to get and stay sober, there are some basic issues that will need to be addressed before rehab admission. Assuming that the client’s admission isn’t under urgent circumstances, or court ordered, most have time to prepare family, friends, and employers for their time away.

Those facing addiction treatment should focus on recovery from the beginning. A positive attitude and complete focus will go a long way in success rates. Continue to view addiction as the disease that it is, and share your need for recovery with those in your chosen support group. Make room for adaptation and acceptance of new skills, beliefs, and ideas that will be part of treatment. Openness to therapy, counseling and experiential therapies can make treatment less stressful.


What Do I Pack For Rehab?


Before packing for admission, it is a good idea to get a list of approved items. Most treatment centers have restrictions on what clients can bring with them. These policies are strict and in place for all clients safety and wellbeing. All your items will be checked during the admission process, and prohibited items will be confiscated. Most treatment centers take an inventory of client’s possessions, ensuring that you leave treatment with everything that belongs to you.

If your treatment facility requires you provide your own necessities, be sure to pack accordingly. If you have doubts, contact the center directly. At Coastline Rehab Centers, we ensure each of our clients brings the suggested items, limiting confusion upon admission.

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