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Renew hope with an alcohol and drug treatment program that builds a solid foundation for long-term, sustained sobriety.

Located in Southern California, Coastline Behavioral Health offers gender specific programs with innovative and individualized treatment modalities.

Addiction Treatment Center – For Men & Women

We provide drug rehab and alcohol treatment to men and women from all over the nation at our rehab centers located in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA. Many who have battled addiction have eventually spiraled into the tunnel of hopelessness and helplessness without a way out. At Coastline Behavioral Health, we know first-hand and have experienced the tragedy and horror accompanying addiction either in our own lives or have witnessed a loved one suffer. Yet, we also know and live the light at the end which has sparked the will not only to live but to thrive. As we have gone through this journey directly or vicariously, we relate and empathize with every individual walking through our door seeking help.

First and foremost, we believe a drug treatment program in Orange County needs to demonstrate and model structure, closeness and consistency. Our employees model these values so they can demonstrate to our clients in turn not only become consistent themselves but end up modeling this for their peers. And overall, peers start holding each other accountable which in the short and long term furthers their own recovery.

Our view on addiction and alcoholism, and resulting recovery is based on the disease model. This disease model takes into account the genetic predisposition to addiction. Our treatment model is biopsychosocial so the biology of the individual is influenced by their psychological and environmental factors.

Recovery is a Journey

When we stop using, reality sets in and our conscious floods with horrors of the past. Our ability to numb and discard emotions is no longer an option and this is where the real work begins. From personal experiences, Coastline offers a positive clinical approach, while experiential therapy helps clients thrive with their integration back into a productive, healthful life.

Begin Living Again

Regain joy and chase life without addiction holding you back. The founders of our program are in recovery themselves and have developed a holistic clinical approach mixed with a strong experiential program on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Orange County, California. You will learn tools to stay sober and how to apply them in life after treatment.

Orange County Rehab – The Coastline Difference

Our primary goal is to ensure clients receive the support and therapeutic tools so that Coastline Behavioral Health can be the ‘the last treatment program’ you will need. We help clients build a solid foundation that will set the tone for a fulfilled life with long term sobriety. Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself, a loved one, patient or employee, we are here for you every step of the way.

“The Best Addiction Rehabilitation Center”

We provide drug rehab and alcohol detox using effective treatment programs that significantly enhance the likelihood of success. As a pioneer in experiential therapy Coastline Behavioral Health makes use of Orange County’s beaches and natural scenery to build esteem and encourage teamwork. Our primary goal is to ensure clients receive the support and therapeutic tools so that our Orange County Drug Rehab is “the last recovery program” that any client would need. Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation that will set the tone for an amazing and joyous life. We look forward to sharing your new found freedom from addiction and exploring what life has to offer to you at this stage of your journey. Whichever of our drug rehabilitation or alcohol addiction programs is the best fit for you, the experience will set you free! We are with you all the way as we find and experience serenity together. Coastline Behavioral Health is committed to helping families renew hope by treating clients in a positive supportive environment. Our dedicated staff carries over 100 years of experience, masters level credentials and personal recovery success. We empower our clients to experience true joy and embrace a life without limitations. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholismincluding dual diagnosis,  we are here to help.

Our Commitment To Quality Care

NAATP Accredited
Joint Commission Accreditation

Experience Coastline Behavioral Health

Recovery is a journey take hand in hand with our clients. When we stop using, reality sets in, our conscious floods with horrors of the past, and our ability to numb and discard our emotions is no longer an option. This is where the real work begins. From personal experiences we have found that a positive clinical approach to drug rehab alongside Experiential Therapy, you can thrive during your integration back into a productive, peaceful life. Having experienced addiction and the trials and tribulations from that dark period of our lives we embrace you as our own. We are excited to have you join the Coastline Behavioral Health family!

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What is the Coastline Experience?

Our rehab centers are located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. From these Orange County locations, we offer our clients the opportunity to begin living life to the fullest. We know that many addicts and alcoholics basically “quit living” and only “live to use”. Our founders created a local rehab program based on the tenets of experiential treatment. Our experiential program is designed so that clients learn how to cope with the issues that trigger their addiction while having the opportunity to become a part of a community. The activities in our program create a safe, healthy environment for our clients to experience everyday challenges, stresses, joys, and responsibilities that a part of normal every day living. With a structured, yet individualized program for recovery, our clients learn to develop a meaningful and healthy lifestyle of sobriety. Our clients learn that they are responsible for their own recovery and learn how to ask and receive ongoing support to maintain a life of sobriety.


Detox is a process during which an addict stops using drugs or alcohol and begins to clean out the body of drugs and or alcohol under medical supervision. There are many ways to safely detox from substances or alcohol in a detox center. At first, our admissions team will help advise you if detox is necessary in order for the addiction to be treated successfully. If medical detox is suggested, we will make a recommendation with one of our leading drug and alcohol detox centers where you or your loved one will stay in a safe, comfortable and medically supervised detox rehab in Orange County . If you are searching for the term drug detox centers near me this is probably the reason you found our website. We are committed to helping as many people as possible!

Coastline Residential Program

For some people, it’s best to receive treatment away from the stress and temptations of everyday life. An Inpatient Drug Rehab center can give you the time away that you need. While staying in our sober living residences, you will work with our group of medical and treatment professionals. Our team of therapists and case managers specialize in addiction treatment and will help you address the issues behind your addiction. As our clients progress through treatment, they begin to experience more freedom and tools to stay sober.

Coastline’s Outpatient Rehab Centers

Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County is an excellent choice for people who are leaving inpatient treatment. In an IOP, you’ll be able to continue working during the day while returning to our transitional housing. If you are lacking a good support system or a safe home, this is an excellent choice. These customized treatment programs keep you accountable with regular drug testing. You’ll also continue to receive individual, group, or family therapy on a weekly basis. Outpatient treatment can be an excellent way to step down from PHP or other higher levels of care.

Are Drug Rehab Centers Near Me The Best ?

Coastline Behavioral Health’s local drug treatment center is among the best in the country. While Southern California is nationally recognized as the “Mecca” for addiction treatment there are just a few Orange County rehab facilities that excel and even less that are pioneers in the industry. With our focus on experiential therapy, Coastline is blazing a trail for others to follow. We address environmental factors by having the individual stay in a safe, recovery-focused environment. We encourage interaction with others in sobriety via 12 step AA meetings and sponsorship. We also organize activities for our clients outside the treatment walls in sunny California to demonstrate the ways one can immerse in society and have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol.

We guide and monitor connection with the outside world only the extent of maintaining safety and reducing the potential of clients being exposed to high-risk situations. Regarding psychological factors impacting addition, we believe it’s necessary to address underlying psychological factors that have consciously and unconsciously maintained addiction or caused prior relapses. Though there are general underlying issues that are common to people in general, such as, some sort of mood dysfunction for example, the type, intensity, and manifestation of psychological factors varies. Our programs are gender specific and our facilities are separated by sex so drug rehab for women will never be in the same location as that for men.

We take care in maintaining an attitude of curiosity and interest in understanding one’s unique story. Though we usually hear stories riddled with tragedy, trauma, shame, fear, guilt and inadequacies; we listen carefully and look for the survival skills and the strength embedded in the pain and the self-destructive behavior. We pride ourselves on being a strength based program. Though we don’t disregard the client’s story, we also don’t dwell on the past. In addition to listening for underlying patterns, we desire encouraging stories about the ways the clients have coped so far. We applaud the resilience they have shown thus far in surviving and choosing to seek help instead of continuing on a self-sabotaged path. Those searching for a rehabilitation center near me usually find our website and call immediately. This makes sense because your journey can only begin by asking for help!

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Drug Addiction Treatment Center – What To Expect Upon Admission

On the day of admission, clients meet with their case manager and therapist. An within 24 hours of admission, they will also meet with our physician where a thorough psychiatric evaluation is conducted. Though medication is not pushed on any client, they are carefully evaluated for medical necessity. If a particular medication is warranted, the pros and cons are carefully explained. Clients also undergo follow-up appointments assessing the efficacy of the medication for symptom relief. Naturally, the Women’s Treatment Center is overseen by female members of staff.

If a client struggles with side effects of a medication they are taking or if they suffer from any other physical complaints, we immediately have them meet with our medical personnel. Our clients’ physical and emotional well-being is of primary importance. Especially during early recovery, when clients are withdrawing from drug and alcohol use. In addition to withdrawal symptoms, they also have to deal with physical conditions that develop from lack of self-care and personal neglect. If untreated, the great discomfort from physical conditions and withdrawals can become the basis of increasing cravings and trigger the client to use drugs in order to alleviate physical pain. Therefore, all clients are closely monitored and made comfortable as soon as they arrive.

What is Detox and Why is it Important?

Many people seeking treatment will initially need to go through a period of detox . This is the first step in their recovery program. Chemical dependence causes changes in the brain and detox is the removal of harmful substances from the body. During detox one experiences intense uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Some of these symptoms include chills, body ache, blurred vision, tactile disturbances, irritability, nausea, anger, headache, stomach discomfort, depression, sadness and anxiety.  The severity of the detox depends on the substances used and length of abuse. Typically, clients will require detox for alcohol, heroin, opiates and other drugs with an average of one week or up to a month to fully detox from substances. We usually notice withdrawal symptoms in the first 7 to 10 days, after which clients tend to begin to feel better and they start feeling physical and emotional improvements. Once they start to feel better physically and mentally, they able and willing to participate in our day to day programming. After many clients have detoxed from their primary narcotic of choice or alcohol, our treatment also focuses on Identifying and providing psycho-education on Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). Many recount the severity of their detox and express relief once their withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

We Treat a Wide Variety of Substances

  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Club Drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Medications
  • Xanax

Experiential Program

“Play is a profound biological process… In higher animals, it fosters empathy and makes possible complex social groups. For us, play ties at the core of creativity and innovation… Humans are the biggest players of all. We are built to play and built through play. When we play, we are engaged in the purest expression of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality… It’s not just an absence of games or sports. Life without play is life without a book, movies, art, music, jokes or dramatic stories.  Stuart Brown, M.D.

A focus of our treatment is the Experiential component. As Mr. Brown so eloquently states, a life without play is a mundane dreary life. Therefore, the focus with every individual is to reignite the sense of play, curiosity, and wonder that got lost in the throes of addiction and/or alcoholism. We believe when one feels defeated and powerless, they need to be nurtured back to life. Sometimes taking an empathetic yet ‘playful’ approach adds a needed relief which counters feelings of shame, guilt, fear and loneliness individuals are already feeling walking through our door. This ‘playful’ treatment approach is the foundation of our treatment modality. We call it our Experiential Program. Usually, the word “play” conjures up memories of childish games and activities. Though these associations are part of the word “play”, at Coastline we are primarily referring to “Purposeful Play”. It’s the kind of “play” that creates meaning, enhances teamwork and instills ideas of honesty, accountability and problem-solving. This sense of play includes physical team building activities as well. The purpose of play also decreases rage and conflict, de-escalating high-stress situations as people are working towards a common objective goal independent of themselves. Therefore, when people get enough of a distance from their intense emotions and obsessive thoughts, they are more likely to calm down and revisit the situation that triggered them with solutions as well as a more objective perspective. This kind of play also assists with re-creating and imprinting a sense of positive playfulness especially if one’s childhood was traumatic and abusive. Psychoeducation on the disease model of addiction, specific mood disorders, as well as common underlying issues many addicts face. We assist clients in providing a cognitive framework to their experience in the purposeful play. Experiential therapy for our mens’s and women’s rehab includes surfing, hiking, golf, sports and yoga.

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12 Step Programs for Recovery

We emphasize the 12 step program as a positive social tool to further assist in recovery. We additionally believe that addiction is a “spiritual malady”. We do not push any dogma or entertain any religious agenda. Yet we do believe and follow the tenets of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which states that a connection with something greater than oneself is helpful in positively impacting one’s sobriety. Additionally, the psycho-education and experiential programs we offer tie into the 3 basic principles of Alcoholics Anonymous:



Being of service

In addition to attending meetings, obtaining a sponsor, working the 12 steps, we also use all three principles and create ‘Unity’ via team building activities, ‘Recovery’ via psychoeducation and ‘Being of Service’ by having clients volunteer their time to the needy as a way of giving back to the community.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment At Coastline

Though our primary focus on substance abuse, we also deal with co-occurring disorders. We believe a dual diagnosis can occur concurrently with the primary substance and/or alcohol dependence. Though we do not like to provide concrete labels to clients as an individual that is larger than his or her addiction and mental health diagnosis. However, a preliminary diagnosis is helpful to contextualizing one’s underlying dysfunctional patterns and understanding one’s story as it pertains to their addiction. We consider mental health diagnosis as necessary ‘coping skills’ developed in order to deal with past abuse, trauma, and tragedy. At Coastline, our clients are not a diagnosis, but people dealing with a malady that we seek to understand, explore and channel into more positive activities. We provide treatment for the following mental health diagnosis:  

  • Anxiety 
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Bipolar and related Disorders
  • Depression
  • Impulse Control and Disruptive Disorders
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Stress-Related Disorders

We do not address acute psychosis and related disorders that warrant inpatient intensive psychiatric care. If a client has severe mental issues, they will be transferred to a higher level of care that can better address their needs.

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What Is Cross Addiction? 

Typically, when a client is abstinent from alcohol or drugs, they can develop cross addiction. Cross addiction is an engagement in an activity that mimics the highs and lows one experienced when they were primarily using drugs or alcohol dependent where their quality of life is severely and negatively impacted. Therefore, cross addiction is a substitution of alcohol or drugs to a variety of other areas that is equally harmful. The common areas of cross addiction are shopping, gambling, sex, work or exercise to name a few. Though working and exercising appear positive, when cross-addicting to these areas, people neglect other positive areas of life such as friends, family, their recovery program and self-care. If untreated, clients may relapse. Identifying, labeling and drawing parallels between the specific cross addiction with their vice becomes necessary. Throughout their course of treatment clients are also gradually provided with specific skills to recognize their cross addiction that furthers their recovery.

Sober Living in Orange County, CA

Coastline Behavioral Health owns and operates sober living homes in Orange County, California with luxury rehab centers and Executive Rehab Centers in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Each client in our treatment program is assigned a home that houses a maximum of 10 occupants with a maximum of two clients per bedroom to ensure comfort and safety. A house manager and our operations staff provides 24 hour management to ensure compliance with house rules, zero tolerance for controlled substance use and to also provide overall support to clients. All addict recovery homes are maintained to exceed standards of The Joint Commission. We strive to make every client feel comfortable in our relaxed setting and provide a fully stocked kitchen, laundry, WiFi and other amenities. Depending on level of care, transportation is provided to our treatment center and all experiential activities, and we also provide scheduled transportation for shopping, groceries, EBT, medical appointments, court hearings and job interviews. Sober living provides support for those in our treatment program. Coastline offers continued transitional living at a reduced monthly rent to clients who successfully completed treatment.

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