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About Lunesta Addiction

Lunesta is a sedative-hypnotic prescription medication used to address certain sleep disorders. Many times patients fail to understand that prescriptions can be as dangerous as illicit street drugs and can lead to Lunesta addiction. For a good number of Lunesta users, the awareness that the drug they are taking carries a high addiction rate is not there. The assumption is that if it was doctor prescribed, it is safe to use. This isn’t helped by the barrage of pharmaceutical ads showing up online and on TV touting the latest and greatest treatments for all sorts of ailments. The truth is that while pharmaceutical companies offer some informational support for patients, they have one common goal which is to make money. Lunesta addiction is a growing concern for communities across the nation and the demand for inpatient Lunesta rehab is growing by the day.

The chemical name for Lunesta is eszopiclone which has similarities to other sleep aid prescription drugs such as Ambien. Lunesta has been shown to help patients suffering from insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep for greater lengths. Lunesta works by binding to special brain receptors that control the release of chemicals that stimulate brain function. The result is a slowing of an individual’s central nervous system, resulting in extreme drowsiness and sedation. While Lunesta prescriptions are controlled and doctors are only able to prescribe the medication for short periods of time, individuals bent on finding more of the drug are able to do so illegally. Sold on the street, Lunesta is referred to as zombies or sleepers.

Lunesta Addiction Treatment

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Lunesta Addiction Facts

Inpatient rehab centers across Southern California are seeing the impact of sedative-hypnotic addictions on a regular basis. Even short-term use of the drug can cause some side effects that could promote Lunesta abuse. Without solid rest, the human brain cannot function at full capacity. There are marked changes in mood and behaviors that stem directly from sleep deprivation. In fact, depriving people of sleep can cause major health problems that can eventually lead to death if carried on long enough. Our human brains scream for rest by sending signals that we need to slow down and stop moving. When we are unable to attain solid sleep, we will go to desperate measures to get some.

For many struggling with Lunesta addiction, the abuser will often go to lengths to hide their drug abuse from others or refuse to accept the help offered. This can delay treatment for Lunesta addiction and cause addiction signs and symptoms to continue to manifest themselves. When an individual is addicted to a prescription drug such as Lunesta, they may begin to show clear signs that they need help. For some, Lunesta addiction can prompt isolation from loved ones and friends. Others will begin to experiment by mixing Lunesta with other drugs or alcohol to get a more powerful high. Drug-seeking behavior is quite common with individuals dealing with Lunesta addiction and for some, this means doctor shopping for new prescriptions.

Continued abuse of Lunesta can be very dangerous for those misusing the drug as the risk of Lunesta overdose is quite high. Should you suspect someone you love has taken more Lunesta that is safe to consume or suspect that other drugs have been taken with it, seek professional help immediately. Some of the symptoms that may indicate a Lunesta overdose are the following:

  • Complete unconsciousness
  • Sudden overwhelming sleepiness
  • Slowed, depressed respirations
  • Coma

Lunesta Addiction Withdrawal

Individuals who discontinue their Lunesta suddenly after long-term abuse will quickly feel withdrawal symptoms. Some of these Lunesta withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable while others can require medical intervention. Most individuals choose to use drug detox centers when undergoing Lunesta detox as the symptoms can be unmanageable let on their own. Keep close tabs on a client’s vital signs and providing medications for addiction treatment can help people detox without risking health issues. Inpatient rehab for Lunesta in Huntington Beach can provide a safe location to continue treatment for addiction once drug detox is complete. While a client has checked into an inpatient rehab center for drug addiction, therapists and medical professionals will begin to take stock of their condition and required therapies for recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with Lunesta addiction, please call us today and allow us to provide answers to all your questions about addiction treatment.

Lunesta Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Inability to sleep
  • Recurring hiccups
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Volatile mood swings
  • Nausea with vomiting
  • Drug-seeking behaviors
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • High blood pressure
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