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Co-occurring Disorders

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Co-occurring Disorders
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About Co-occurring Disorders

Individuals who are dealing with addiction and a psychiatric condition at the same time have co-occurring disorders. This is also referred to as a dual diagnosis. Living with a dual diagnosis is difficult. Often, drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach, CA is a person’s last hope for recovery. Mental illness and addiction often go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that many individuals are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. There are two components to substance use disorder. These are the abuse of drugs or alcohol and the dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Abuse of alcohol or drugs is apparent when a person fails to keep work, school or home obligations. Personal relationships will also suffer. Substance abuse is also diagnosed when its use exacerbates a medical condition or when used during dangerous situations, such as driving. When an individual is diagnosed as having a dependence on drugs or alcohol, the consequences are more severe. Dependence takes over once a person fails at several attempts to stop using or at least control use. Once a dependence develops, a person will abuse the substance any chance they get and will fall deeper into dependence.

Co-occurring Disorder Signs and Symptoms

A person who is living with a co-occurring disorder can have issues with symptom management because many of the signs and symptoms of each disorder are intertwined. The signs and symptoms of a co-occurring disorder will vary depending on the drug of choice and the mental health condition. Friends and family members should recognize the following signs if they think their loved one is suffering from co-occurring disorders:

  • Failure to maintain employment and manage a household
  • Diminished personal relationships
  • Financial and legal problems
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Inability to control emotions

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Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Options

It is not always known which disorder comes first, the addiction or the mental condition. But, what is known is that each disorder aggravates the other. This makes it impossible to distinguish the symptoms caused by one or the other. When seeking treatment, an individual should receive intensive care and treatment for both disorders at the same time. Receiving drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach, CA allows the individual to deal with the symptoms associated with the psychiatric problem without turning to substance abuse. A properly diagnosed mental health condition can be effectively treated which takes away the chance that the individual will want to abuse substances as a way to deal with psychiatric problems. When you seek drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach, CA, you can expect the following:

Detox is the first step. Withdrawal symptoms will be managed in a controlled and safe environment.

An evaluation will take into account your medical history to ensure all medical conditions have been identified and correctly diagnosed.

A diagnosis of disorders will be made based on the evaluation and the person’s reported experience.

An individualized treatment plan will be developed with the goal of helping the addict stop their addiction and manage psychiatric conditions.

Personal therapy gives the person a confidential outlet to discuss concerns and future goals.

Group therapy is encouraged to receive support from like individuals dealing with the same issues.

Family therapy is encouraged to rebuild relationships and aid in recovery.

An aftercare plan is developed and encourages the person to receive mental health care and support.

Co-occurring disorders can make day-to-day life agonizing. An individual who wants to successfully deal with their dual diagnosis must seek drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach, CA. Symptoms will be managed in a safe environment. Such help can lead to recovery and help that person enjoy life again.

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