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Does Rehab Cure Addiction?

Understanding Addictions
Does Rehab Cure Addiction?
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The Truth About Addiction Recovery

Seeking drug treatment for addiction can get your life back on track. Addiction treatment takes time, dedication and a strong support network. Many clients do not understand that inpatient rehab is not a quick-fix or cure for any addiction or substance abuse problem. What should be understood is that through drug and alcohol rehab, clients learn how to cope with addiction triggers and maintain sober friendships. Tools like these can make the difference between lasting addiction recovery and relapse.

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, then inpatient drug and alcohol rehab could be the first logical step towards recovering health and wellness. Attempting to fight an addiction on your own can be overwhelming and discouraging. While your intentions are aimed at recovery, the process is complex and requires support not available to many before entering rehab. An important part of any rehab program is staff. At Coastline many of our staff have experienced addiction themselves. We feel that clients respond positively to others who have walked the same traumatic journey.

While rehab is not a cure for any addiction, the control regained over your life can give you hope for the future. You have the ability to break your addiction cycle and continue on the path to living sober. We understand that addiction is different for everyone and, therefore, each treatment plan must be tailored to fit different situations. Rest assured that you will be in a safe environment where you can begin your addiction recovery.

How Rehab Works


This important first step in any treatment program helps purge toxins from the body which have caused negative physical and psychological side effects. Depending on the type and severity of addiction, this detox process can last for several weeks. Should you have a benzodiazepine addiction, the detox process is complicated by the need to carefully decrease drug dosing over weeks and even months. This does not mean inpatient rehab is put on hold, it simply means that the two would run concurrently. All clients undergoing detox should be supervised by medical professionals trained in addiction medicine.

Residential Addiction Treatment

There are different addiction treatment programs available to clients transitioning from a detox facility into rehab. Rehab centers provide patients with access to many different and specialized therapies and activities designed to provide the support needed. Experiential therapies allow counselors to engage with patients while at play. Group and individual therapies are places where self-confidence, healthier relationships, and trust is fostered. CAM therapies such as yoga, meditation, and healing touch are important in order to help patients find coping mechanisms while learning to listen to their bodies again. The goal of any rehab facility is to provide a safe, secure location for clients to find healing and restoration.

Aftercare Programs

The end of an inpatient stay is not the end of addiction recovery. In many ways, it is the infancy of a life reclaimed. Long-term sobriety is always the goal for each and every patient that comes through Coastline’s doors. Sober living and halfway houses provide a haven for those who need more time to transition back home. Many clients choose to stay within these facilities for months while continuing to hone their new life skills and rebuild their relationships with loved ones affected by their addiction.

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