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Planning An Intervention

Planning An Intervention
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Considering An Intervention?

When a person is battling drug or alcohol addiction, everyone around that person feels the effects of their addiction. If someone you care about is struggling, it may be time to plan a drug addiction intervention. Although the addict may not realize it at the time, an alcohol addiction intervention is an act of love. It is a chance for those affected by the addict’s actions to express their concern and provide support to the addict to encourage change. If your loved one could benefit from an intervention, follow the tips below to lead a successful drug addiction intervention.

Choose Intervention Participants Wisely

Addicts tend to make those closest to them angry because of their actions. There may be few concerned loved ones who care and want to see them overcome their addiction. Needless to say, addicts often burn many bridges. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure everyone who participates in the intervention does so for the right reasons. No one in attendance should be there to take shots at the addict and make them feel less than worthy of receiving love and support. The loved ones who do attend will probably be angry, but they need to set aside their anger and hostility for the sake of making the intervention serve its purpose.

Need An Intervention?

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Time the Intervention Appropriately

There are times when an alcohol addiction intervention is necessary immediately. An addict is very destructive to themselves and to others around them. If it seems that the individual has hit rock bottom and there’s no end in sight of their destructive behavior, then loved ones must intervene immediately. However, there are other times that are ideal for an intervention. For instance, an individual who’s just lost their job or has just been released from incarceration can benefit from an intervention immediately following such sobering events. Additionally, the addict should be sober during the actual intervention to understand the gravity of their actions.

Stop Enabling and Give Ultimatums

Addicts are often unable to survive without the help of their loved ones. The only way to make the addict wake up and realize the damage they are doing to themselves and those around them is to stop the enabling behavior. It’s time to make ultimatums. Perhaps, you provide essentials to the addict, such as a place to live, a car or cell phone. You need to make it crystal clear to the addict that these things will end if they refuse to enter treatment in Huntington Beach. Insist that they enter on your terms, not theirs. You don’t want to be mean, but you want to be assertive and make the option of staying out of rehab as unattractive as possible. Then, when the addict weighs the options, they will be more likely to choose rehab.

In many cases, a drug or alcohol addiction intervention is the only thing that will help an addict. It is an eye-opener for them. As loved ones express their feelings of sadness and even disappointment, the addict will see, often for the first time, just how negatively affected their loved ones are by their addiction. But, for those planning the intervention, they must keep in mind that the intervention must be carried out carefully to ensure a successful outcome. In the end, the addict should know how loved they are.

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