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What is Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic painkiller that treats not only chronic pain, but also helps individuals struggling with heroin addiction and opiate abuse break their drug addictions. What some may not realize about methadone is that it has been used in drug treatment programs for decades. Methadone works by minimizing withdrawal symptoms when clients are dependent on narcotic drugs and fighting heroin addiction. One important fact about methadone is the way it blocks the pleasurable side effects of opiates while allowing heroin addiction detox.

Methadone is currently one of the most abused prescription medications in the United States, despite methadone clinics. What many may not realize about methadone is that while it is a prescribed medication given under doctor supervision, it is also a potent, long-lasting drug with a high addiction rate of its own. Methadone is also a relatively inexpensive painkiller, making it much more desirable for patients and physicians alike.

Facts About Methadone

The drug methadone was originally developed in Germany during the 1930’s. The drug created a lot of controversy over the addictive qualities associated with it. It was used during WW11, after which the formulation was confiscated by the United States for use in the United States. During the 1960’s, New York City was dealing with an explosion of heroin addictions and began researching a system for methadone dosing. The initial response was positive, and drug-related crimes dropped dramatically within the city. The nationwide treatment for heroin addiction became methadone, helping tens of thousands of addicts.

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How Methadone Affects The Body

It is important to understand that the administration of methadone is not a quick fix for those struggling with heroin addiction and other opiate addictions. Instead, methadone blocks some of the dangerous physical and psychological side effects of illicit drugs such as Vicodin addiction or prescription drug addiction. This allows the client to regain basic life functions that give them the chance to enter drug treatment programs near Huntington Beach.

When methadone is taken, the body breaks down the drug differently than it would with heroin or fentanyl. Unlike street drugs, methadone taken on a regular schedule will begin to remain in the body, helping the effects work for longer periods of time. A single dose of methadone will often result in withdrawal relief for 24 hours, although sometimes individuals report that it works for longer periods of time. Correctly dosing methadone for each individual patient ensures that unpleasant side effects are kept to a minimum.

About Methadone Treatment

Many opiate addicts want to know more about methadone for treatment of their disease. The benefits of methadone treatment can mean the difference between life and death for opiate abusers seeking drug treatment in Huntington Beach. Methadone’s ability to mimic opiate or heroin use makes it a desirable heroin addiction treatment program for many looking to gain control over their lives again.

Methadone is prescribed and dispensed in different formulations such as:

Liquid methadone is always measured precisely using medical measuring pumps. This allows methadone clinics to administer the exact dosage needed for each patient.

Powder methadone is mixed well with water and given to the patient to be taken orally.

Tablet methadone is much like powder methadone as these are easily dissolved and administered as a drinkable liquid.

While all methadone distributed within methadone clinics in Huntington Beach has the active ingredient methadone hydrochloride. Most manufacturers add flavors or other fillers which can slightly change the appearance and viscosity of the liquid methadone.

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