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CAM Therapies For Addiction Recovery

CAM Therapies
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About CAM Therapies

Often the next step towards achieving long-term addiction recovery following inpatient rehab is additional therapies and treatments such as CAM therapies. The choices can be overwhelming for some individuals, so at Coastline Rehab Center we help clients make this transition smoother. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a term used when discussing non-standard treatment practices and medical supplements used in conjunction with traditional therapies. CAM therapies have been used successfully as companion treatments for inpatient alcohol detox and outpatient drug rehab.

When helping clients break down underlying issues for addiction and possible stumbling blocks to recovery, introducing CAM therapies can broaden the effectiveness of ongoing experiential therapies and cognitive behavioral therapies. These alternative CAM therapies have gained a lot of authority and attention within the rehab community, allowing clients in Southern California recovery centers to have increased access to a wide range of options. To find out more about CAM therapies and the various therapies offered at Coastline Rehab Centers, contact us today.

CAM Therapies Offered

Depending on the individual nature of your personal recovery program, the varieties of CAM therapies available to you may vary. There are two segmentations to DAM treatments. The first involves Mind and Body Therapies and the second focuses on supplements and dietary additions. The following is a pretty comprehensive list of what Coastline Rehab Center offers for clients looking to enrich their recovery program.

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Mind and Body CAM Therapies


Some of the more common CAM therapies focusing holistically on the mind and body would be yoga, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture sessions, meditation and hypnotherapy sessions, massage therapy, and movement classes. There are many options for centering physical activities such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong that are perfectly suited for recovery.

Since CAM therapies focus on addressing the whole individual, all emotional, physical and spiritual levels included. An individual’s willingness to be receptive to unconventional treatments can help ensure that all issues related to addiction are exposed and dealt with. Many prefer to think of it like this; learning a new lifestyle requires learning new skills. The more open a client is to a holistic approach, the greater the chances are that issues that can lead to relapse will become apparent.

Supplements and Dietary Therapies

Maintaining optimal nutritional health is so important for individuals going through the recovery process. Often clients enter rehab programs with huge nutritional issues due directly to substance abuse. Bodies need a rebooting to get and stay on the road to recovery. Helping clients understand their body’s need for proper, balanced diets can help curb some of the impulses and cravings.

The use of supplements can also aid the recovery process. Sometimes foods are not enough to regain the lost nutrients clients need, and intervention is needed. Some of the more common dietary adjustments would be the addition of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Cutting out sugars, sugar substitutes, and caffeine can also have positive effects on overall health. The brain of a recovery addict has been rewired to respond to pleasurable junk foods, and regaining control over one addiction will require addressing substituting food as a coping device.

To learn more about healthy holistic food and supplements for recovery, please contact us today. Coastline Rehab Center offers personalized addiction recovery programs for alcohol and drug abuse.


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