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Many People Need Detox

While many individuals have family support helping them get the treatment they need for their addictions, others seek out help on their own. Quite often these individuals may still have doubts about the need for drug and alcohol detox. The figures on drug and alcohol addiction in the United States are shocking. It is estimated that over 22 million adults and teens are dealing with some sort of addiction, but that less than 1% ever get the help they need. The misconceptions about drug rehab are slowly shifting, especially with the epidemic of opiate addiction across the nation. Still, many ask us if they really need drug detox or if they can continue to do it on their own.

The truth is that inpatient rehab is not only for those addicted to heroin or alcohol but for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Any unhealthy relationship with illicit drugs or dependence on prescription painkillers is just cause for seeking a drug detox center in Huntington Beach, CA. At Coastline Rehab Centers we understand that clients are afraid of the pain of opiate withdrawal symptoms which may be serving as a deterrent to seeking help. We also understand the shame and judgment that individuals sort through when considering any inpatient drug detox program. If you think you need detox call our center today.

Signs You Need Detox

There are 6 major signs that you or your loved one may need detox at a drug detox center. Some of these signs may have gone unnoticed by both the substance abuser and their loved ones. And several of them may have been noticed, but explained or rationalized away. Whatever situation you find yourselves in, the need to get your loved one help might be more urgent that you first perceived. The following signs are common in most addicts and will serve as a guide for you as you consider the risk factors when deciding about drug detox.


Family members and friends have been urging you to stop drinking or using drugs. Usually, it’s the people around you who see the signs before you are able to admit to any kind of substance abuse problem.


Self-mutilation as occurred and has begun to escalate. Should you feel that the only way to deal with the hopelessness and emotional pain that occurs when facing the battle of your life is to start cutting or contemplating suicide, help is urgently needed. It is not unusual for individuals to become deeply depressed and develop mental illness symptoms when addicted to certain drugs.


Engaging in dangerous and illegal activities becomes commonplace. For those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fear of getting caught or worse is often the last thing on their minds. Have you driven while under the influence? Have you driven others while high? Taking risks like this goes beyond simple recklessness, it creates the opportunity for tragedy. Drivers under the influence of any substance experience altered awareness which causes more than a quarter of all accidents over the period of a year. That is a shocking statistic.


Withdrawal symptoms prevent cutting back or successful cessation. Should you experience almost immediate withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop using, you may have developed a dependence that has led to addiction. Some common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are headaches, nausea, irritability, insomnia and general malaise. As the hours go by, the symptoms continue to compound, often causing individuals to begin using again.


Medical professionals notice new health issues directly related to addiction. Any prescription or illicit drug can cause negative side effects and contribute to changes in body function, even when taken as prescribed. For those who have developed an addiction to their medications, some of the changes can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Depending on the medication, respiratory failure, liver and heart damage, and brain damage can easily occur. Should you feel that you need urgent medical help, call 911 now and get to an emergency room without delay.


Repeated lying and denial about drug abuse or alcohol addiction. We understand what drives this behavior and we applaud clients who choose to take responsibility for their drug use by admitting themselves to a drug treatment program in Huntington Beach, CA.

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