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About Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a major epidemic across America. Alcohol addiction is a disease that affects not just the abuser, but all the people in their lives. The first step towards sobriety is reaching out for help. When individuals are ready to tackle their alcohol addiction, often the first step is admission in an alcohol detox center in Huntington Beach. One aspect of medically supervised alcohol treatment is the access to specialized alcohol addiction medications which can work to greatly reduce the side effects of alcohol withdrawal symptoms while purging the body of all toxic chemicals. Alcohol addiction will cause both physical and psychological symptoms of dependency that make quitting almost impossible without alcohol addiction medications.

Alcohol dependency has occurred when an individual needs the medication to function at a basic level. Once this happens, the chances of breaking the drinking cycle without outside help are close to impossible. Should you suspect a loved one is addicted to alcohol and needs help, reach out and speak with one of our addiction counselors. There are two different approaches to alcohol detox. The first is natural detox, which means the use of pharmaceuticals is avoided and other support measures are taken to help a patient safely complete the detox program. The second approach involves the addition of specialized support drugs that help make withdrawal less painful and dangerous.

Medications for Alcohol Addiction

There are a few medications that are often prescribed to help individuals navigate alcohol detox without severe withdrawal symptoms or the risk of relapse. Alcohol addiction withdrawal is not a pleasant experience, and while symptoms vary, most individuals will find the process taxing and painful without the aid of alcohol addiction medications in their detox program. A few of the more common symptoms of alcohol detox are anxiety, digestion issues, sleep disturbances, fevers and extreme fatigue. The most severe withdrawal symptom is delirium tremens (DT’s) which can be life-threatening if not dealt with by medical professionals.

Alcohol Addictions Can Be Treated

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Disulfiram, also known as Antabuse, works by blocking a specific enzyme that the body uses to metabolize alcohol when ingested. Unlike naltrexone, disulfiram will cause reactions when combined with alcohol that can be very uncomfortable. Some of these side effects are nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations. For individuals that are doing well with their outpatient rehab program in Huntington Beach, disulfiram can be a good choice. These individuals sometimes use the drug intermittently, especially when attending social functions where alcohol will be served. For individuals that are less committed to their alcohol addiction treatment programs, compliance can be a problem. Other drugs will likely be recommended in order to assist in the recovery process.



Naltrexone works by interrupting endorphin release when alcohol enters the bloodstream. This causes the pleasurable effects of alcohol to be blocked, making drinking less attractive. It is possible for an individual on naltrexone to get intoxicated, but there will be no tangible benefits. Naltrexone will also work to reduce alcohol cravings, too. There is an extended-release form of naltrexone that is called Vivitrol. This is given by injection monthly, making it an attractive choice for many seeking long-term sobriety support.


Acamprosate works by altering neurotransmitter functions within the brain which may help individuals going through alcohol addiction withdrawal. Acamprosate’s functions are different than those of naltrexone and disulfiram. While the other two help with the withdrawal symptoms primarily, acamprosate works within the brain to help with function once alcohol abuse has stopped. Many individuals who have struggled with long-term alcohol addiction are prescribed this drug.

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