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Moderation Management

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Moderation Management
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Reduce Drinking To Avoid The Need For Rehab

It’s a common misconception that everyone who drinks excessively has an addiction to alcohol. Problem drinkers often want to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume, but there aren’t a lot of programs out there to address problem drinkers. However, a Moderation Management program may help you address your issues with drinking and reduce the amount of alcohol you consume so that it is no longer a problem. If you are drinking out of habit, you may be able to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink when you follow the Moderation Management program.

The goal of Moderation Management is to teach a person how they can learn to drink responsibly. Through Moderation Management, you will recognize the perils of being involved in risky behaviors and are given the tools needed to make positive decisions regarding alcohol consumption. You may also find that after trying this method, that there is a more serious problem and may benefit from a treatment program to better address the addiction.  

Moderation Management

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Goals of Moderation Management

The primary goal of Moderation Management is to return an individual to responsible drinking habits which will decrease problems associated with their drinking. The Moderation Management program is based on nine steps to help individuals realize their goal when participating in the program. These nine steps are:

  1. You must attend Moderation Management meetings onsite and online.
  2. Refrain from alcohol for 30 days and complete the remaining steps in the program within that same month.
  3. Analyze the effects drinking has had on you and your life.
  4. Identify priorities in your life and make a list of such priorities.
  5. Pay attention to your alcohol drinking patterns and the situations that may influence those patterns.
  6. You must study the program’s limits and guidelines in relation to drinking in moderation.
  7. Give yourself a limit as to how much you will drink and take the steps each week to work towards and reach that goal.
  8. Take time out to review the progress you’ve made and revise your goals accordingly.
  9. Continue to make positive changes in your life and receive support when you need it by attending meetings.

Moderation Management Ongoing Support

Moderation Management meetings are a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous in that the group provides regular meetings that provide a comfortable and confidential forum for individuals. These meetings are a great source of support and allow a person to share their feelings and concerns with other individuals who have been through many of the same experiences. Moderation Management meetings are a crucial tool in making the positive changes needed to gain control over alcohol consumption and make responsible choices. Take this out when done.

Coastline Behavioral Health is an out-patient treatment program and does offer Moderation Management. If you are looking for this type of support, you can search online for local resources.

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