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Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse Facts

Substance abuse begins when a person crosses a line from social use into drug and alcohol abuse. When this happens, the individual begins to make alcohol and drug use their priority. Alcohol abuse is no longer an occasional thing; it becomes part of a daily routine. Drug abuse will start evolving into drug dependence and often the individual will begin to use more dangerous drugs. Now, getting high on the weekends only is a thing of the past, and the heroin abuse becomes a daily event. Sometimes, individuals will turn to more expensive drugs and as their finances often do not support their growing heroin abuse, they will begin to participate in drug dealing or theft to get their fix.

The preoccupation with drug or alcohol use can begin to take a negative toll on their life, and the lives of their loved ones and friends. Riskier behaviors begin to emerge and individuals struggling with substance abuse often start having trouble with the law. Driving while under the influence of drugs such as marijuana and opiates often leads to DUI’s, court fees, or even jail time. Other risky behaviors such as unprotected sex and sharing needles can cause serious health issues. Socially and scholastically, the individual will begin to withdraw and fail to perform academically. Friends and family will notice these changes and begin to worry about their loved one. Our rehab center in Huntington Beach provides support for substance abusers and their families.

Substance Abuse Signs and Symptoms

One of the most telling signs that a loved one is suffering from substance abuse is the social isolation that occurs. When an individual begins detaching from their sober friend circles and begins to spend the majority of their time either alone or out with a new peer group, this can indicate there is a growing substance abuse problem. There will also be an increase in family conflicts that arise directly from the individual and increased insubordination.

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Social Drug Use Truths

It is often during this time of obvious change in a loved one’s behavior that parents begin to take matters into their own hands. Looking for an explanation often leads to searching rooms for evidence of what might be at the root of the changes. Finding a stash of drugs, or drug paraphernalia can be the first evidence that help is needed. Some specific signs of substance abuse are the following:

  • Estrangement from family and friends
  • Unemployment
  • Scholastic issues including failing grades
  • Increase in health issues
  • Emergency room visits and hospitalization
  • Increasing legal troubles and jail time
  • Lack of involvement in activities

One of the more common signs of substance abuse is binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as the intake of 5 or more alcoholic beverages within a day or event. This is when an individual drinks heavily over a short period of time regardless of the consequences. The dangers of binge drinking are far reaching. Aside from the personal harm inflicted on body systems overloaded with alcohol, the risks can reach far beyond self. For women who are pregnant, consuming large amounts of alcohol will likely have devastating effects on their unborn children. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have disastrous results for others on the road, and is often the last straw for those needing inpatient alcohol rehab in Huntington Beach.

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