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Luxury rehab in Huntington Beach offers clients drug and alcohol treatment in upscale, resort properties. Most luxury rehab programs give inpatient drug rehab clients access to private rooms, custom menus, and other desirable amenities. One advantage to luxury inpatient rehab is the ability to completely customize certain program activities, allowing each individual to participate in different therapy options that best fit their needs at the time. Quite often, luxury rehab facilities have beautiful grounds with opportunities for relaxing and unwinding when time allows.

Whether clients are executives seeking exclusive rehab, or individuals who are looking to undergo an inpatient rehab program in a upscale location, luxury rehab fits the needs of the most discerning clients. Drug addiction does not discriminate, and alcohol abuse is prevalent across all socio-economic levels. The ability to seek treatment in rehab centers that provide privacy while providing the highest standard of care should not be for just the rich and famous. Luxury rehab programs are very desirable options for individuals with the means to cover the additional costs. For many of these clients, the prospect of being in a 30 day rehab program in Huntington Beach with strangers can be a deterrent

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Upscale Sober Living Treatment Options

The types of addiction treatment available at a luxury rehab center are much like any other inpatient rehab program, with the exception that many more amenities are available. Inpatient luxury rehab will offer patients recovery from heroin addictions, alcoholism and meth addictions as well as co-occurring disorders and codependency. For clients struggling with opiate addiction and dual diagnosis, luxury rehab can offer treatment in comfortable settings. Many luxury rehab centers focus additional treatment for clients in areas of diet, exercise, and holistic treatments. For many clients, these additional resources more than make up for the difference in expense.

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Affording Luxury Rehab

The price tag attached to a luxury rehab stay is quite high. Some Huntington Beach rehab centers offer programs that start at over $50,000 for a 30 day stay. Should clients be wondering if they can afford this service with the help of insurance, Coastline encourages individuals to contact our intake counselors today.

Many insurance policies cover rehab costs, and our insurance verification process is easy. Sometimes insurance companies will reimburse to cover the costs once outpatient rehab is completed. It is always advisable for clients to set a budget prior to entering luxury rehab programs so the financial responsibility is understood up front.

Luxury Detox And Rehab In California.

One of the main differences between traditional rehab centers and luxury rehab is the client schedule. Most luxury rehabs take a more laid back approach to waking and eating times, although scheduled group therapy and other required programs remain set. Clients remain responsible for their own rooms, and are asked to help with some basic house cleaning as part of their program, although some luxury rehab centers require no client participation with chores. Luxury rehab programs only accept a few clients at any given time, meaning that the staff to client ratio is kept quite low. Many clients who choose an exclusive drug rehab center cite this as one of their main motivating factors for choosing a facility that might charge more out of pocket.

Luxury rehab programs do not usually offer drug detox for clients, so individuals that need heroin detox will need to transition into the  inpatient facility once they have finished drug detoxification. Depending on the type of opiate addiction a client is struggling with, the rehab center  will require drug detox before admission. Once clients are in luxury rehab the staff will ensure that any needs they have are quickly addressed, especially issues that drug addiction has caused that need immediate attention. Some highlights are:

  • Custom Menus and Gourmet Food Options
  • Concierge Services for Guests
  • Yoga Classes and Meditation Sessions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Upscale Private Bedrooms
  • Customized Drug Treatment Programs

To find out more our luxury rehab programs, give us a call. Finding a good fit for yourself or your loved one can make the difference between lasting sobriety and relapse. For those who want the best of everything, private alcohol rehabilitation centers are the only choice. Ask about nutritional counseling and special dietary requirements when speaking with our counselors. If you were looking for an IOP Rehab option (Intensive Outpatient) then visit this link.

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