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Faith Based Program
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Faith In Recovery

Clients in the “Christline” Christian track at Coastline Behavioral Health enjoy all the amazing treatment services while strengthening their faith through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Clients will have the opportunity to fellowship at His Place, a local church with a heart for those in recovery.  They will also gain a better understanding of spiritual principles and how to apply them to their recovery through Christian “TIDE” (Treatment Individualized through Differentiated Experiences) Groups, and they will have the opportunity to serve the less fortunate through L.O.T.S. (Life on the Streets Ministry) and other various service projects.

Individual and Group Faith-Based Therapy

Clients can also participate in a discipleship course called ALPHA where they meet and grow with other believers and will attend a mountain retreat upon completion.  Clients will have the opportunity receive biblical counseling, and enjoy God’s creation through Coastline’s Experiential program. Through these planned activities, along with regular prayer, journaling, Christian books, guest speakers, Bible Study, 12-Steps from a Biblical perspective, and fellowship with other believers, clients will be prepared for a life of sobriety and faith.

A New Found Freedom

Coastline’s Faith-Based Program helps clients gain a deeper understanding of the faith and apply these principles to their life in recovery by building a strong support group for accountability, edification, encouragement, and friendship. The ministry outreach provides the opportunity to experience the impact they have on their community and on the individual lives of the people they help.

There is Hope

We invite you to watch a broadcast hosted by Faith to Live By which has a Christian based series that airs on The Holy Spirit Broadcast Network. David DeMille, Clinical Administrator at Coastline Behavioral Health, was interviewed about the issues of drug addiction, the impact on families, and components necessary for recovery, including faith-based beliefs.

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