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Affording Treatments for Alcohol and Drug Addictions

The cost of drug detox and rehab centers is one of the central reasons individuals do not seek treatment. What is often overlooked is the long-term benefits of sober living as compared to continued drug use or alcoholism. The benefits of affording treatment always far outweigh the initial costs of admission and recovery. Being able to live a normal life, free from the grip of addiction, allows individuals to provide for themselves and their families, continuing education, and become functioning members of society. Finding creative ways for affording treatment for addiction is important.

Perhaps it is better to look at drug addiction recovery as an investment in the future. Affording treatment for those struggling within the grips of the disease of addiction could prevent needless reoccurring expenses. Many addicts and their families spend far more money supporting their substance abuse habits then they might spend on inpatient rehab. Redirecting that money in advance to cover the costs associated with drug rehabilitation is a good life investment. We can help individuals find ways when looking into affording treatment for inpatient rehab.

The truth is, as long as an individual remains an addict, risky behaviors, and self-destructive consequences threaten to bring their world crashing down around them. The costs associated with jail time, lost employment, or a criminal record will add up very quickly. Additionally, the increased medical costs attributed to drug and alcohol addiction issues, such as emergency room visits and overnight stays, can compound an individual’s financial ruin. Contact Coastline today and find out more about affording treatment for opiate addictions and alcoholism.

Affording Treatment is Vital To Recovery

The reality is that most addicts are not the ones researching and planning treatment, their family members have taken the lead. The delicate balancing act of convincing an individual to accept help is often long and hard earned. When families approach Coastline Rehab Centers after months, and sometimes years of attempts to help, they are often weary and unprepared financially to bear the burden of costs associated with professional inpatient rehab. We believe that payment should not be a deterrent to recovery.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not only a heavy financial burden but an enormous emotional and physical one as well. While cost can be a determining factor in where an individual travels for their treatment, it should not prevent them from receiving help. Some private rehab centers are pricier than others, depending on their location, amenities, and specific treatment offerings. Bottom line, with some legwork, family members can secure financial advice when choosing a specific type of recovery center.

Interested in Affording Treatment with Insurance?

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Affording Treatment with Insurance

It may be surprising to learn that most private health care plans offer coverage for some, if not all, of inpatient rehab costs. A simple phone call to your provider will clarify whether your loved one’s care is covered. Coastline Rehab Center can help families determine the amount and type of care their insurance covers. Most major recovery centers accept United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, as well as Aetna. If you have questions about your insurance, click the button below to verify your coverage.

Affording Treatment With MediCare and Medicaid


There are both state and federally funded health benefits available for pre-determined segments of the general population. Depending on an individual’s eligibility, the cost could be completely covered. Medicaid eligibility requirements are the following:

  • Under 19 years of age
  • Over 65 years of age
  • Pregnant or Responsible parent for minors
  • Meets Income Requirements

For those looking to apply for their Medicare benefits, the below requirements must be met:

  • Over 65 years of age
  • Or Medically Disabled
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Affording Treatment with Dual Eligibility

Most may not realize that an individual can be eligible for both Medicaid and Medical, meaning they can apply benefits from both to their drug treatment program.  If you are unsure about your qualifications for either or both, contact a local caseworker in your state and they can walk you through the process.

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Affording Treatment with Obamacare or ACA Benefits


Under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, passed in 2010 during President Obama, made addiction treatment accessible for individuals with coverage. This new care acts states that addiction will not be considered a pre-existing condition when determining covered services. This comprehensive care act provides the following benefits for any on these insurance plans:

  • Testing for alcohol and drugs
  • Home health visitations
  • Family counseling services
  • Addiction deterrent medications
  • Addiction Evaluations prior to treatment
  • Intervention services
  • Medications for addiction treatment
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Find Out About Affording Treatment.

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Affording Treatment with Private Funding and Financing

Depending on the location and type of facility chosen, and the length of recommended admission, costs can vary greatly. While some basic inpatient treatment centers can cost $750 a day, other higher priced centers cost upwards of $3000 per day. The same extreme pricing disparities can be seen in outpatient costs, ranging anywhere from $135 a day to $800 plus. Because rehab is not one-size-fits-all, the type of center chosen may depend on the addicts specific recovery needs.

Obtaining private funding and financing may be a good option if the individual is uninsured and does not qualify for either state or federally mandated assistance. When looking for financing treatment, it is wise to explore several different options before committing to one. Some allow monies to be used against an IRA or 401K plan, but others will borrow against the equity of your home or business. Reading all the fine print and understanding when initial payments are scheduled will save unanticipated issues that could result in delay of treatment.


What Do I Pack For Rehab?


Crowdfunding For Rehab Treatments

It is becoming increasingly more common for family and friends to set up crowdfunding pages with sites such as GoFundMe to help cover the costs associated with drug rehabilitation. Having payments sent directly to the rehab center is always suggested as it prevents questionable fund investments. If you or a loved one needs help covering the initial costs associated with impatient rehab, exploring a crowdfunding option may be well worth the investment of time.


Non-Profit Treatment Centers Options

Research your local area for non-profit addiction treatment centers that provide programs at low or no cost to the individual or their family. Some like The Salvation Army require that addicts repay their program costs through work. Individuals will be required to agree to work 40 hours each week at pre-determined locations helping with various tasks. This may allow clients to serve for several months and leave their treatment program without incurring additional debt.

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