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Facts About Buprenorphine

In the year 2002, buprenorphine became available for prescription to aid in the treatment of opiate drug addictions across America. Buprenorphine was the first narcotic drug designed to control withdrawal from heroin. Until buprenorphine was available, methadone was the most prescribed opiate agonist used for withdrawal symptoms. Many detox centers in Huntington Beach began to wonder about buprenorphine as it was touted a safer and more available treatment option than methadone.

Buprenorphine is categorized as an opiate agonist. Like other drugs developed to work with the opioid receptors within an individual’s brain, it can be very effective in treating both pain and opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms. Doctors prescribe buprenorphine to help patients with detoxification from drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and heroin. While buprenorphine is not as addictive as other medications for addiction recovery, it does have addictive qualities. When the drug is taken within therapeutic levels, there is a low risk of clients becoming addictive to buprenorphine. On the other hand, when taken recreationally, buprenorphine can quickly become a full-blown addiction.

What is Buprenorphine?

Buprenorphine is a medication that is used to help clients dealing with heroin addiction or other opioid addictions by becoming a replacement drug. For many illicit drug addicts, buprenorphine use becomes long-term, allowing recovering addicts to begin to rebuild lives lost to drug abuse. Eventually, all individuals gradually taper their dosages under medical supervision. The goal would to be completely buprenorphine free in time.

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About Buprenorphine and Opioid Addiction

Buprenorphine has become a popular drug used by medical professionals for the treatment of various opiate addictions. It is important to remember that drug addiction is now classified as a disease, and like all diseases, can impact the body in negative ways. Our natural ability to maintain healthy levels of brain chemicals is something that most non-addicts take for granted. With many opiate drug addictions, the continued abuse changes the chemical makeup within the brain, some of which are hard to reverse. One of the exciting things about buprenorphine is that it does not usually produce respiratory issues or depression, two common side effects of excessive opioid abuse.

When an individual is addicted to opiates like heroin, the drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms can make self- treatment impossible. With the addition of buprenorphine, the body can begin the detoxification process without the unmanageable side effects of heroin withdrawal. Another fact about buprenorphine that makes it a more desirable addiction treatment medication over methadone is that it can be used both short term and long term, and can be prescribed for outpatient use. While it is true that initial buprenorphine treatments begin under the very close supervision of medical professionals in a detoxification center or rehab center, follow-up care is quite manageable.

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About Buprenorphine Treatment

During the initial few days of treatment, some individuals might feel some discomfort while the drug begins to build levels within the body. For clients fighting heroin abuse, these first few days can feel long. Having a strong support group is key to a client’s successful drug detox program. Keeping the schedule set by a doctor or clinic is vital. It is during these visits that drug levels are measured and urine tests required. There are more than a few brands of buprenorphine distributed for opiate addiction treatment, and depending on the individuals physical health, a physician will usually chose the best course of treatment.

It is important to understand the following about buprenorphine; it cannot be combined with any illicit drugs or alcohol as the side effects are often severe and can put the individual at risk. Buprenorphine can also impair a client’s reaction times, which could make driving inadvisable. One last note about buprenorphine; it must not be stopped suddenly. When this happens, the body can have very severe reactions and may put the individual in a precarious medical state.

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