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Top rated drug rehab centers offer treatment services that go beyond the standard level of care offered by the majority of facilities. The rehabilitation setting plays a major role in the success of a patient's recovery. A comfortable and luxurious setting may help reduce the struggles related to the addiction recovery process. The size of […]

Top rated drug rehab centers offer treatment services that go beyond the standard level of care offered by the majority of facilities. The rehabilitation setting plays a major role in the success of a patient's recovery. A comfortable and luxurious setting may help reduce the struggles related to the addiction recovery process. The size of the facility is often not the best indicator, rather the quality of the doctors and therapists and the attitude of the counselors working with you.

Luxury inpatients usually require a commitment of four weeks or more. The period differs with each person since they respond differently to a treatment. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of 5-star drug rehabs and the treatment methods used. 


Benefits Of Top Rehab Centers

The treatment programs found in top rated drug rehab centers are unique thanks to the availability of rich amenities, personalized treatment by high-end doctors, cool environments, and holistic programs that are put in place to aid in a smooth recovery. These rehabs offer quality care and make the treatment process more pleasant. Here are some of the advantages involved in 5-star rehabs:

High Quality Of Care 

Comfort and service are a major part of the holistic care given to 5-star rehab centers. A combination of treatment methods that facilitate recovery from addiction also helps in the recovery process. These treatment aspects provide chances for long-term recovery by the use of intense treatments that focus on the substance in question and psychiatric factors that cause addiction. Residential 5-star rehab treatment offers fewer distractions. The service available include:

  • Medically supported detox programs
  • Addiction treatment for the substance in question
  • Peer support and individual treatment
  • Medical support when needed
  • Mental health therapy and support services


Low Client To Staff Ratio 

Another advantage of addiction treatment in these top rated drug rehab centers is the low client-to-staff ratio. Those who go to rehab should feel like they are getting the attention of trained professionals. Therefore, the specialists can focus on a clients’ needs at a personal level. The low patient load means the specialists will spend more time with each patient, thus placing them in a better position to recover.


Exceptional Treatment Options

The main aim of patients who seek 5-star rehab help is to enjoy the latest and most reliable treatment options.  A luxury rehab center invests in the latest treatment research and technology. All treatment options are available at a 5-star rehab center to give every patient a chance to recover compared to an ordinary rehab fully.


The Feel Of A Resort

The surrounding of many rehabs should be gorgeous and calming with an intriguing interior all together. This is made to make the client comfortable and bring a vacation feeling to the center. Massage therapy and other forms of therapy may be there as they help relieve stress, improve circulation and provide energy for your recovery process. Being located in Huntington Beach, CA, Coastline Behavioral Health is perfectly situated to offer some of the best facilities and experiential activities. Coupled with an unrivaled and relaxing environment on Southern California's coastline, our programs have become synonymous with success.


Private rooms

Recovery provides a great opportunity to look into oneself and have self-discovery. The luxury rehabs provide a private room where you can rest and unwind far from distractions by roommates, unlike the standard rehabilitation centers. Also, private rooms are helpful in case you need discretion in your addiction treatment.


Delicious Food By Professional Chefs

Delicious food will play a huge role in helping patients break into their recovery process. Therefore luxury rehabs invest in top-notch food options as well as qualified chefs. They take their time to prepare nutritionally balanced, delicious food that helps improve your immune system. 



During the process, patients may experience feelings of stress and anxiety. Yoga comes in handy in reducing stress by stretching the body and relaxing. Therefore, it helps the patient relieve the body of these stressful feelings, improve muscle tone and restore a connection with the body.


Music Therapy

Music therapy is a complimentary treatment used during withdrawal. It is a creative approach that helps patients cope with withdrawal symptoms such as stress and anxiety. Research shows that music can help you relieve cravings, therefore, avoiding relapse.


Art Therapy

Art therapy can help a patient identify and explore the roots of the addiction. It gives patients an outlet for their negative emotions and helps boost self-esteem.

There are other forms of treatment available in 5-star drug rehabs. They include:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Surfing
  • Acupuncture
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Pet therapy


Treatment Methods Used In Top Rated Drug Rehab Centers


  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

This method uses medicine to cure addiction to alcohol and opioids. This approach combines both medication and behavioral therapy to cure the patients’ needs and avoid relapse fully. MAT is also approved for use on pregnant women and prevents neonatal abstinence syndrome in babies. This approach is proved workable for long-term results.

  • Matrix model (MM)

This is commonly used for the treatment of stimulant use disorders. Trained therapists engage with patients in a way that resembles that of a teacher and student. Treatment is conducted to promote the clients’ self-worth, dignity and confidence. Research shows that patients who undergo this method of treatment show improvement in their overall recovery.

  • Contingency Management (CM)

This is a method that uses rewards and gifts aimed to motivate people to stay sober. Vouchers that can be redeemed for money, food, and other items are effective among people in treatment. The vouchers increase in value with time-based on the patients’ gradual improvement.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy psychological method helps patients in recovery identify negative patterns of thinking that influence drug abuse and drug-seeking behavior. When you are aware of these situations, it is easy to avoid and react.


Trust The Professionals At Coastline Behavioral Health

Coastline Behavioral Health is well established among the top rated drug rehab centers in the United States, and reliable in providing 5-star recovery to patients who are looking to end their addiction. We invest in the latest technology and treatment options to offer top inpatient and outpatient treatment in California. Contact us today at (714)841-2260 to get help for addiction.

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