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When someone is ready to admit they are struggling with dependence on drugs or alcohol, the recovery process can begin. One of the most important decisions during the recovery process is deciding on a program to help guarantee long-term sobriety. Inpatient drug rehab centers are available to help those addicted to drugs and alcohol get the help they need. In fact, inpatient drug rehab centers are the best option for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. They offer care around-the-clock and provide options for long-term care that encourages lifelong changes.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Extended Stay

Most inpatient drug rehab centers offer longer stays for their patients. It may seem inconvenient staying away from friends and loved ones for an extended period, but the benefits should not be overlooked. Studies show that patients who stay in an inpatient rehabilitation center for a long time have a better rate of recovery. Staying for a longer period helps the lessons being learned become second nature. This is beneficial when the patient leaves rehab and enters back into their normal lifestyle.


Sobriety isn’t a problem that can be solved. Once someone is sober, they will continue to experience the triggers that can cause them to relapse. An addiction is more than just a physical problem, it involves many psychological factors as well. The addict needs to learn a completely new way of living without drugs and alcohol. This means they need to learn to deal with stress better and avoid the triggers that encourage them to use. This is a long process that will often become lifelong.


Admitting there is a problem is the first step in recovery. Once you have taken that step and are ready to take a closer look at inpatient drug rehab centers, give us a call at Coastline Behavioral Health. We can walk you through the process of rehabilitation and offer you a healthier tomorrow.

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