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Sometimes life can get stagnant and boring with the same routines and schedules that we inevitably fall into, especially in sobriety. As there is a huge focus on personal growth in recovery, it is important to remember to add things to your life that bring you joy. The following story is an inspiration from one of our co-founders who took action to search within himself to add something new, fulfilling and challenging to his life.

From an early age, Jason has always been involved in athletics. Whether it was swim team as a child, junior guards, body surfing, or soccer, he has always excelled in a competitive or team atmosphere. Having a bright future in sports, he especially excelled in soccer and found himself on a club team at an early age. Barely missing the Varsity team in sophomore year, he was on track to play in college. But drugs and alcohol started to take its grips. Once the disease took full possession of Jason, all of his interests including sports went to the wayside and drugs became his main focus. Besides surfing in some brief periods of sobriety, Jason was not active at all for the next 7 years.

At the age of 26, Jason was finally able to get some time sober and co-founded Coastline Behavioral Health with his long time friend Justin Eakin. And as so many do when they get into recovery, Jason’s focus on nutrition and health (physical, mental, and emotional) became a priority. The business partners, and friends, started to workout at the gym, surf and start eating better.  This continued for several years - with each being each other’s advocate for health.

Looking back to early 2018, Jason was several years sober, had a strong support system with family and friends, and everything was good at work, but he started to have some underlying feelings that something was missing.

He was getting ‘bored’ with the gym and realized that he missed the personal fulfillment of ‘team sports’. He explored some options to join a local adult soccer league but opted not to join because it did not have the practice and drills that reinforce the teamwork and camaraderie. He wanted to challenge himself in a new way but was unsure how. His attendance at the gym started to diminish and he started to run. Running he found, started to afford him certain mental benefits that he did not expect. After experiencing that, he turned towards other endurance sports and decided to purchase a road bike. After a time of doing some biking and running, Jason finally developed and found his goal of competing in a triathlon. Jason committed himself to weekend runs and biking, and soon started swimming again. He knew what he wanted to do and had the motivation but he wasn’t sure how to get there.

As any sports enthusiast will understand, working-out creates natural endorphins that are released in the brain and it is these chemical reactions that bring pleasure to the body during exercise. This was the perfect outlet to re-balance Jason’s mental and physical health.

Jason was soon connected with a local team called Tristar Athletes in October 2018 when his real training began. He was now was part of a team, on track to compete in his first triathlon race and was being guided by a coach to help him achieve his goals. Jason met with his coach, Cliff, for an assessment to organize his personal health, athletic and performance goals. This is exactly what Jason was looking for - while he had the motivation, commitment and drive, he needed a professional coach to steer him in the right direction along this new journey. He met monthly with Cliff, tracked his daily progress and was able to ask questions about his training.

Just like sobriety, sometimes we can achieve our goals without the help of others but the outcome might not be as good as if we had.

Armed with a support network, motivation, drive, and a coach to lead the way, Jason was ready to embark on a new journey to achieve a new goal. He engaged in many different types of workouts ranging in distance, intensity, and time. Doing something every day, Cliff was careful to plan the training to avoid injury. The training regiment consisted of swimming, biking, running, strength training and stretching. What, and how much Jason was supposed to eat changed dramatically as well. Going from a high protein, low carb diet switched to high carbs and low protein with an even lower fat component was also very challenging. But he stayed committed and arrived at his first race in April 2019 prepared. He was competing with about 50 athletes of all levels of experience for a half mile swim, 16 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Jason ended up placing 1st in his age group! Looking back, Jason says that while he was very happy with his performance, it was really more about the opportunity to meet other athletes and gain some more experience. More recently Jason participated in a larger even in San Diego in May 2019 with over 700 participants and once again, did really well by placing 6th in his age group.

More important than how he finishes in the race, Jason utilized a key principle he practices in his 12-step program and that is asking for help.

Jason hopes that this story will inspire others, who might be feeling stagnant in their lives, to look within to find something to strive for that will bring you joy. In this case, it was a personal challenge of competing in a new sport. But it can be anything you want it to be. Jason didn’t know what was going to materialize once he started his reflection process. He just knew that he wanted a little more out of life. And let this story be proof that if you continue to seek out the things that bring you joy, ask for help, and focus on personal growth, you will be amazed by some of the outcomes that come from doing the work.

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Coastline Behavioral Health helps clients deal with the stronghold of addiction and behavioral health issues to develop healthier life skills to facilitate sobriety. Alcohol and drug addiction changes behavior in ways that are detrimental and we work in all areas of a client's life including employment, personal relationships, finances, and health. Coastline Behavioral Health is set apart from the others in modality and treatment options, including the components of experiential therapy that have been developed by specialists in the addiction recovery field to meet individual client needs.

To find out more about our treatment program in Southern California, you can call to speak with a member of our admissions team. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Beware of Orange County Oxycodone Sellers

There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of black market Orange County Oxycodone. In fact, they seem to have more sellers than any of the nearby counties. However, what you need to know is that much of it is fake. Sometimes this means that the tablet contains inert ingredients such as talc or cornstarch that has been pressed in an illegal pill press to look like a certain brand of Oxycodone. In that case, you only lose your money. Other tablets may contain Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid some 50 times stronger than heroin, and far stronger than Oxycodone. If you get one of these tablets, you may lose your life.

Other times, illegal Oxycodone tablets may contain other dangerous substances and poisons. They may even contain bacteria that can make you sick. It’s not like they were produced in a clean pharmaceutical facility in Orange County with quality controls. There’s no way to know what could be in it.

The Blues

The most prized form of Oxycodone in Orange County is the 30mg IR, or instant release, tablet. Most brands are light blue, hence the nickname, blues. Various manufacturers use different markings. Any brand may be counterfeit, but the two most commonly faked brands are the M30, called Mboxes, made by Mallinckrodt, and the A215, manufactured by Actavis. Both are small, round and light blue, with their respective markings stamped on them. The stamp is called an imprint.

When you go to meet a stranger to buy black market Oxycodone, anything can happen. You may actually get an honest deal and walk away with the real thing, but this is unlikely. More likely, you will get some kind of fake pill. You could also be robbed of your money.

Black market oxycodone generally costs at least a dollar a milligram. That’s $30 for a single 30mg tablet. 30mg is a high dose; someone with no tolerance to opioids wouldn’t need near that much. But people seeking oxycodone illegally have developed a high tolerance for opioids. Many of them need at least 30mg of oxycodone. Many take much more. Those who overestimate their tolerance level can easily overdose. Oxycodone is a very strong substance.


Fentanyl, or Fent, is a rapidly growing danger. It’s being produced in clandestine Chinese laboratories and then smuggled into the United States. It’s then pressed to look like a legitimate Oxycodone tablet. Some of the pressed pills are excellent as far as appearance goes. It can be really hard to tell visually if it’s real Oxycodone or not. There is simply no way to know if you’re getting 30mg of Oxycodone, something else altogether or a deadly dose of Fentanyl. It’s Russian roulette with pills. Unless the pill came directly from a pharmacy to you, there is no way to be sure you’re safe.


For those who switched from blues to heroin because it’s cheaper, the danger is even worse. Fentanyl is routinely used to cut heroin, too. Injecting fentanyl is even more deadly than swallowing it, and while you might spot an obviously fake pill visually, there is no way to tell if your heroin purchase is cut with fentanyl or not.

It’s very, very difficult to properly and evenly mix fentanyl with another substance. This is because the amount of Fentanyl to be mixed in is so small. The dose is measured in micrograms. That’s millionths of a gram. When dealers cut their product with fentanyl, they lack the proper equipment and knowledge. They can easily end up with hot spots. This means that their packaged product for sale is not evenly mixed. Some of it may contain lower levels of fentanyl, some may contain little to none, and some of it may contain deadly amounts.

The same thing happens with pressed pills. These start out as a powder, and again, hot spots can occur. When they’re pressed into pills, some of the pills can contain lethal levels of Fentanyl. A pill cannot just be pure Fentanyl, because a dose that small would be too small to form a pill. Even a lethal dose is still very small. That’s why it must be mixed with other substances. It takes special scales and mixing equipment costing thousands of dollars, not to mention advanced knowledge in math and chemistry, to do the job correctly.

Seek Help

Don’t do it. Don’t buy Opioids, or any other substance, on the streets or Dark Web. You’re gambling with your life. If you have developed an addiction to Opioids, your best option is to seek help. It will truly destroy your life one way or another. That’s if you live long enough.

Drugs and DUI in Huntington Beach

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

More than 100 people lose their life to drugs in Huntington Beach each year. More than 1,100 are arrested and charged with drug-related crimes and hundreds of others battle addictions that has turned their life upside down. Aside from a growing drug problem, Huntington Beach is seeing an increased number of arrests for DUI. With amazing bars like Hurricanes and 25 Degrees, law enforcement officials say they’re not surprised by the number of people who risk getting behind the wheel of their automobiles after a night out on the town. Huntington Beach is a party town and a damn good one. But, there must be a limit to the fun and you must understand when it’s time to call it quits when it’s time to call My OC Taxi for a ride, and that being in possession of drugs or getting behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated may very well land you behind bars.

If you’re arrested and charged with DUI or a drug-related crime in Huntington Beach, remain silent when questioned by law enforcement. Anything that you can say can and will be used against you in a court of law, as your Miranda rights begin to tell you, and words that you speak can lead you into a downward spiral when it’s time for your day in court. Make sure that you phone an attorney to represent you in court after such a charge. Going to court for a drug-related or DUI case is never a good idea. A first-time DUI charge can result in jail time and driver’s license suspensions, while subsequent charges can lead you to a road to prison. If you’re charged with a drug crime, it is very well possible to receive 25+ years in prison, depending on the type of drug, the quantity of that drug, and the actual crime that you’re charged with committing.

Attorney Fred Thiagarajah at Right Choice Law is a criminal attorney that has represented many people in the city. He’s a former District Attorney who isn’t afraid to aggressively fight for his client’s rights and freedoms. Right Choice Law specializes in drug cases and DUI. Christopher J. McCann Law Offices also handle DUI and drug crime cases for a client in Huntington Beach and Orange County. Mr. McCann has a proven record of winning cases for his clients and always puts minds at ease when there is so much on the line.

Of course, it is best to avoid a potential arrest altogether and avoid driving a vehicle if you’ve consumed any alcohol or taken illegal drugs, including marijuana. Although marijuana is legal in California, it is not federally illegal and driving after using the substance can very well land you behind bars. When you’re intoxicated and get behind the wheel of a powerful automobile, everyone’s life is in danger, including other people driving, pedestrians out for a walk, and even people shopping in the supermarket. Animals are at-risk and your own safety and well-being are at risk when you drive a vehicle while intoxicated.

If drugs or alcohol seem stronger than you and letting them go just isn’t ideal, consider admitting yourself in a local rehab. Rehab offers the tools to help anyone who’s battling an addiction overcome the underlying causes and learn coping mechanisms that allow them the freedom to enjoy life without drug use. Drugs and alcohol contain those ‘feel good’ ingredients that excite the endorphins in your brain. They have a strong hold over the mind and for many people, what they thought would be ‘one-time for fun’ has turned into an addiction they’re unable to control. Drugs and alcohol can destroy lives, families, and otherwise amazing people, but rehabilitation offers hope and help for a beautiful, bright future.

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What Is Good And Not So Good In Huntington Beach, CA

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Huntington Beach is one of the most beautiful and best-kept communities in Orange County. Called “Surf City” by the locals, it’s home to the US Open of Surfing every year. Professional volleyball tours come through the beach annually, too. There are great restaurants like Sandy’s, Duke’s and Captain Jack’s. The city’s also home to major companies, like Boeing, that employ hundreds of people.

While Huntington Beach is beautiful, people there often feel that they’re under a lot of pressure. Kids are expected to do very well in very competitive schools. Athletes push themselves to make weight, move a little bit faster or lift a little bit heavier. And those high-paying jobs can come with high pressure, too. Because of these and other factors, it’s not unusual for Huntington Beach residents to find themselves struggling with addiction.

Drugs and Alcohol in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach has strict rules about the public consumption of alcohol and other drugs. For example, no alcohol, smoking or drugs are allowed on its famous pier and beaches. Though this is designed to prevent issues, things do still happen. The police force does encounter people who use in public, especially on and near the beach.

It’s not uncommon to see stories of people being arrested for combinations like public intoxication and indecent exposure. Usually, it’s nothing more than someone drinking too much and running naked on the beach. These incidents are embarrassing, but generally nothing gets hurt except someone’s pride.

Drunk driving can be another matter altogether. In 2018, an intoxicated driver killed three teens who were visiting Huntington Beach on their spring break. This was a tragedy for both their community in Las Vegas, and for the residents of Huntington Beach.

No one wants to see three healthy, ambitious young people lose their lives. The city also worries, of course, about maintaining its reputation as a safe vacation destination. They want visitors to have a good time and leave happy, not encounter problems or be seriously injured.

Treatment in Huntington Beach

Luckily for locals with drug use disorders, Huntington Beach is also home to plenty of treatment options. The Twelve Step fellowships of AA, NA and OA are alive and well in Orange County, and Huntington Beach is no exception. There are even Al-Anon meetings for family members and friends of addicts.

The community is also served by both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Everything from bare bones facilities to luxury rehabs are available. Many rehabs are based on the Twelve Steps, but many are specifically not, because some addicts find those programs just don’t work for them.

Detoxes are plentiful, too. Supervised detox can be crucial for addicts, especially those using alcohol. Quitting drinking cold turkey can cause issues like delirium tremens, which affects the central nervous system. Tremors may need to be managed with medication.

Like the rest of America, Huntington Beach sees issues due to drug and alcohol abuse. Luckily, the city also has resources to address the issue. Huntington Beach approaches addiction from every angle. Rules about public drinking and drug taking are designed to prevent problems. The police force and hospitals are effective at intervening when problems do happen. And treatment options in the city and throughout Orange County are plentiful.


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Huntington Beach Is The DUI Capital of California

Three Las Vegas teens were killed and another injured in an auto accident in March while traveling the Pacific Coastal Highway in Huntington Beach after being hit by a drunk driver. Another woman was arrested in April and charged with DUI after the vehicle she was driving collided head-on with another car, killing three people. These incidents are all-too-common in a city designed as a tourist hot spot and of great pleasure in Orange County. Also in April, a drunk driver hit a bicyclist, killing him instantly. Huntington Beach is an amazing place to call home, but with increasing incidents such as these, it is a good time to ponder the thought of this fun city being somewhat responsible for the number of fatalities the city is seeing. Even state and city officials agree that the party scene in Huntington Beach is causing an increased rate of DUI arrests and fatalities.

The State Office of Traffic and Safety has conducted numerous studies over the years, each pointing to statistics that show more DUI-related accidents occurring in Huntington Beach per-capita in the entire state. In the recent years the numbers are finally starting to decline, but not before many residents (and tourists) paid the ultimate price. Huntington Beach is also the fifth In a state the size of California, those aren’t very good stats! Hurricanes Bar & Grill is one of the most popular late night adult spots in Huntington Beach but it is also a constant source of a headache for local law enforcement who see many patrons driving while under the influence after leaving the bar. Baja Sharkeez is another downtown establishment that causes increased concern in the city. The bar was nearly been closed on several occasions. The three-block of Main Street that houses many of the city’s most popular bars, including Hurricanes, sees a larger police presence, especially on the weekends, due to the increased number of DUI incidents related to the area.

Huntington Beach certainly isn’t the only California city filled with bars so what is it about the area that causes so many people to make the decision to drive after they’ve consumed a few cold ones? It sure isn’t the desire to hire an attorney (and spend all of that money on retainer fees) like Ryan Rodriguez that causes so many people to drink and drive. There are more than 10-miles of gorgeous coastline on the beach, with nearly 60 bars and clubs encompassing the area. People come to Huntington Beach for a good time and there is no shortage of entertainment available for conquering that activity. But, the influx of bars is a primary cause of drunk driving in the area. The Know Your Limit Program is one of the techniques the local Huntington Beach Police Department has implemented to reduce the number of DUI and drunk driving incidents. This program sends officers into local bars armed with breathalyzers for patrons of local bars to use to determine if it is okay for them to get behind the wheel or if it is time to call a friend or a taxi cab for a ride home. For patrons testing above legal alcohol limits, vouchers for ride service are provided. Despite the somewhat awkward nature of seeing a police officer in a bar when you’re trying to have fun, the program, implemented in 2011, has seen great success in its time.

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Huntington Beach, California Cops Try To Lower the Prevalence of DUI’s by Walking Straight into Bars

Alcohol Addiction

Huntington Beach , with over 10 kilometers of coastal shore showcasing the Pacific Ocean along with a busy tourism business, is renowned for being a town full of celebrations. Together with that fame comes the most dismal DUI figures in all of California and Orange County. For this problem, the Huntington police division has produced an innovative program that will aid patrons of the numerous downtown bars to understand their alcohol limitation and remain off the street once they have reached it.

Back in 2011 Huntington Beach was rated as first place in California for vehicle injuries involving alcohol, in contrast with cities which are similar in size. This year, 164 people were murdered or harmed in automobile accidents connected with alcohol. So far this season there were nine deadly car accidents which could have been the result of alcohol. The surf is a large draw for those inhabitants of Huntington Beach in addition to the thousands of tourists that flood town for the fantastic volleyball competitions. The alcohol-related challenges arise when it’s time for all these drinkers to return home or back into their resorts.

Back in December, Officer Robert Handy came to Huntington Beach with the Phoenix Department. Then, he started studying the DUI issue in this new environment and began exploring alternative methods of reducing these offenses. Traffic stops and regular arrests weren’t showing results as they should, but a method that had success at Scottsdale, Arizona might. Officers enter downtown Huntington Beach pubs and to let customers try a breathalyzer test.

The cause for this solution is straightforward. Many drinkers just don’t understand how fast and easy it is to become too impaired to function properly. And because an individual’s weight plays a role in the way alcohol is processed, there’s not any better way to teach a drinker than showing them the exact BAC level after only a couple of drinks.

Would You Know Your Own DUI Limit?

Lots of drinkers continue to be under the belief that different kinds of alcohol can make you drunk quicker. The reality is, there’s just as much alcohol in a 12-ounce beer straight up as there is with a shot of liquor. Wine is not much better as just 5 ounces has the exact same effect.

Your own limit is dependent upon your body mass. For instance, at 120 pounds, you’ll be over the legal level with your next drink, but it’s going to take five beverages to achieve that limit for someone weighing 200 pounds. Do not rely solely upon this, however, other things can influence how fast your body absorbs alcohol, like if you’re on drugs or whether you’ve eaten recently.

By getting your BAC assessed while you’re out drinking, you’ll be amazed by how fast you’re over the legal limit, and the length of time needed after you’re done drinking for BAC levels to get underneath .08%. The expectation is that drinkers can be more aware of this effect and pay greater attention to just how much they drank prior to opting to drive.

You may feel that a couple of officials charging into a packed bar on Friday night could be a buzzkill, but the program has the opposite effect. Exactly what the officers are discovering is the fact that drinkers are interested in learning their limitations and receiving the “I know my limitation” sticker. This has come to be a wonderful chance for law enforcement to socialize with the town’s social scene in a non-threatening way. Officer Handy is expecting to see similar effects in his new town. This sort of education for the drinkers in the area might be just what the town needs to curb its DUI issue.

Though the outcomes are still uncertain, the plan claims to be among the very successful programs that Huntington Beach authorities have embarked to fight DUI. Up until today, visitors of this area were doubtful of the authorities, believing that their sole aim was to detain them. The campaign provides a chance to educate people rather than waiting until they get inside a vehicle.

The change of pace is a welcomed shift and may end up being the motivation that Huntington Beach needed to move to a better light in regards to DUI related traffic injuries.

When you’re arrested for DUI in Orange County or Huntington Beach, talking with a certified professional who has experience helping DUI defendants will be in your very best interest. Every drunk driving arrest differs, and no two offenders must obtain the specific same punishment for their crimes. Call now to get a free case consultation from a number of our experienced attorneys to assist you the answers you’re searching for.

Coastline’s Addiction Recovery homepage is here.

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Drug Addiction Orange County

If you are addicted to drugs and live in Orange County, California, you are likely looking for help to get your life back on track. Battling addiction is never a fun or easy experience, and most people feel trapped by the time they notice the problem. Understanding addiction and how it works can improve your odds of overcoming the problem and let you reclaim your life. Learn as much as you can if you are interested in moving in a positive direction.

How Addiction Happens

Discover how addiction happens before you do anything else. Nobody wants to let drug addiction consume their lives, but it’s often a gradual process that occurs over time. Many addicts start using with their friends during social gatherings. The drug they take starts altering the chemical signals of their brains, and dependence tightens its grip. Those who use the drug will then need to have it in their bodies to feel normal, and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe when they try to quit.

Spotting the Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

If you want to protect yourself and others from drug addiction and the issues associated with it, review the common warning signs. People sometimes isolate themselves from their friends and family when addiction takes hold of their lives. They also neglect their responsibilities in favor of getting their hands on the next dose, and it’s not uncommon for them to lose their jobs or damage relationships with the people close to them. Addicts usually end up in legal trouble and have a hard time managing their budget.

The Importance of Going to a Treatment Center

You can’t underestimate the power of addiction if you are serious about turning your life around. Since it’s about more than just willpower, getting help from a team of addiction experts is essential. An Orange County treatment center removes you from the temptation to use and places you in a safe and beautiful environment so that the healing process can begin. Where better to rehab than in the sun in California?

Drug Detox

During the detox stage, addiction experts will make you as comfortable as possible while you handle the most daunting withdrawal symptoms. They can even give you medication to ease the pain depending on the drug to which you are addicted. The amount of time you can expect detox to take depends on how long you have used the drug and several other factors.

Therapy Sessions

Facing a problem with substance abuse can take a toll on anyone, causing stress and depression. Getting the right treatment and guidance is important if you want to enhance your odds of long-term success. At a qualified treatment center, therapists will help you sort through the issues and empower you to put them in the past.

Dual Diagnosis

Instead of being the source of the problem, addiction can be the symptom of a much deeper issue. Many mental health issues can lead people down the path of addiction before they know what happened. Unless a treatment center discovers and addresses those hidden issues, the odds of a relapse are high. Going to a dependable treatment facility gives you access to professionals who are trained to perform a dual diagnosis.

Group Therapy

When you face drug addiction in Orange County, feeling alone is common and normal, but it won’t do you any good. Trusted treatment centers allow you to attend group therapy to get support and advice from your peers. This process shows that you are not alone and gives you the required strength to keep working toward your goals.

Making an Ongoing Effort to Remain Sober

Once you have completed your treatment program, you might think you have finished the job, but you still have some work to do. Rather than being a one-time process, recovery is an ongoing project on which you will work for the rest of your life. Learning healthy methods for managing stress and removing negative influences from your life is just the beginning. While these steps might seem extreme at first glance, they are the key you will use to stay on the right path.

Final Thoughts

Even though addiction can seem next to impossible to beat, you can reclaim your life sooner than you once thought possible when you go to a treatment center and have a little dedication. Putting in the effort to make smart choices will do wonders for your results, letting you know you are moving in the proper direction. Addiction will lose control of your life as long as you don’t lose touch with your goals, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

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The Dangers of Today’s New Drug Culture for Youth in Southern California

Drug Addiction

Teenagers today were born into a world that has allowed them to become one of the most culturally sensitive and environmentally aware generations. While today’s youth are full of hope for the future, they also face the constant danger of falling prey to the dangers of drug abuse. Unfortunately, the drug culture in Southern California no longer resembles the benign parties that older adults experienced in their youth. Instead, a combination of factors such as the development of synthetic drugs and the influence of technology have led to an increased danger for teens that must be addressed. Whether you are a parent of a teen or a trusted adult who works with youth, you can use this guide to understand how to protect the teenagers you love from the dangers of addiction.

Reasons For the Rise in Teen Drug Abuse

After years of drug prevention campaigns, one would hope that teen drug rates would be going down. Sadly, the opposite is true, and the rise in teen drug abuse is attributable to several different factors. For instance, drugs have become more accessible to teens that can quietly trade information with their peers online or interact with dealers through text. The legalization of marijuana in California also means that many teens may have this drug available to them at home if their parents do not practice responsible storage methods. Once teenagers get their hands on drugs, new delivery methods such as vape pens make it easier for them to use illicit substances discreetly.

Types of Drugs That Are Trending Among Teens

Marijuana and alcohol are still the most common substances for teenagers to abuse, and these still tend to serve as gateway drugs that teens eventually move on from to get a stronger high. marijuana use among teens also tends to be heavily focused on using concentrates that have higher levels of THC than other forms. Synthetic drugs such as bath salts and K2 are also enticing to teens who may not recognize the dangers of taking unregulated chemicals into their body. Teenagers also tend to experiment with pills. Often, an addiction begins with a teenager getting access to a prescription painkiller for a medical purpose, and then they continue to use the pills to get high.

Ways Drugs Affect Teens Differently

Teenagers may act and look much older than their age sometimes, but their brains continue to develop well into their mid-20s. When teenagers use drugs they slow down the development of their brain, and the disruption of chemicals in their brain can lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Teens are also at a greater risk of developing an addiction since they tend to have lower percentages of body fat which increases the strength and duration of a high. In California, it is not uncommon for a teen to overdose from what would be a normal amount of a drug for an older adult.

Dangers Teens Face When They Use Drugs

The proximity of Southern California to Mexico makes it increasingly tempting for teens to interact with dangerous criminals in an effort to score drugs. When they do, teens face serious harm from falling into the wrong crowd. A teenager who tries to sell drugs themselves to fund their addiction may wind up in legal trouble that lasts well into adulthood. Drug abuse also leads to health problems that could turn long-term if teens do not get help early enough. For instance, the use of marijuana and other drugs at a young age is linked to an increase risk of schizophrenia and other mental health disorders.

Signs of Drug Addiction in Teens

Teens today have used technology to get smarter about how they hide their drug use, which means that adults must be vigilant. In the early stages of drug abuse, teens may show only a few signs such as hanging out with a new crowd of friends or breaking curfew at home. Over time, however, it becomes harder for teens to hide their addiction. Once they have a full-blown addiction, teens may begin to lose or gain weight, exhibit mood swings, and engage in dangerous behaviors such as stealing money.

How to Help a Teen Get Clean

You should never hesitate to reach out to a teen in trouble, especially since the dangers of the drugs available in Southern California are so severe. Let the teen know that you have noticed their drug use, and make sure that they know that you are available to help. Then, help them make arrangements to get professional counseling for their addiction that allows them to get their life back on track. Today’s youth face many challenges on their way to adulthood, and drugs are unfortunately a major issue in Southern California. By knowing how to do your part, you can make sure that no teenager falls through the cracks.

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When It’s Time For Rehabilitation In Orange County, CA

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You realize that your addiction is becoming more and more difficult to handle. When do you know it’s time to go to rehabilitation in Orange County, though? Pay attention to these signs when deciding if you should seriously consider rehab.

People have asked you to stop using.

If the people who are closest to you and love you have asked you to stop drinking or using drugs, you may have a bigger problem than you even realize. The people who are close to you know you well, and they probably have a good reason for showing concern. It’s hard to see the changes that have taken place in your own life sometimes, but people on the outside may be able to recognize the differences more easily.

You’ve driven while intoxicated.

Maybe you’ve driven after a couple of drinks, but you thought you were fine to drive. Driving when you’re intoxicated in Orange County, even after just a couple of drinks, is always a big deal and a huge risk. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re putting whoever’s in your car and everyone else on the road in danger, too.

Your freedom is in danger of being taken away.

If you’re been drunk in public, became violent when under the influence, was charged with a DUI or was found with a controlled substance, you could be facing serious legal trouble in Orange County. If you’re currently on probation or parole, being under the influence is more than enough reason for you to be put back in jail. For many people, a month-long treatment program is a much better option than jail time.

Your doctor has told you that alcohol or drugs are impacting your health.

Drugs of any kind are harmful to the body, even if you haven’t been using them for years and years. Alcohol can damage the brain, heart and liver; drugs can give you brain damage and affect your respiratory system. If your doctor has told you that alcohol or drugs are having a negative impact on your health, it’s time to consider rehab in Orange County.

You’ve hurt yourself or someone else.

Some drugs, including alcohol, can make the symptoms of depression worse, leading you to hurt yourself or act irrationally. If you feel hopeless or suicidal, it’s highly important that you get help as soon as you possibly can. It is possible to feel better, get out of this damaging cycle, and live a healthy life again.

Withdrawal symptoms set in after you stop using.

If you get withdrawal symptoms a few hours after last drinking or using drugs, that means they’re affecting your body in a very serious way. Withdrawal symptoms include headache, cramps, nausea, insomnia, irritability and paranoia. Withdrawal is a sign that your body needs – or thinks it needs – the alcohol or drugs in order to function.

Remember, you don’t need to be addicted to a substance physically in order to need or benefit from rehab. If alcohol or drugs are negatively affecting your life, it may be time to check into a rehab program and get your health and life back on track.

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