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Huntington Beach, California Cops Try To Lower the Prevalence of DUI’s by Walking Straight into Bars

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Huntington Beach , with over 10 kilometers of coastal shore showcasing the Pacific Ocean along with a busy tourism business, is renowned for being a town full of celebrations. Together with that fame comes the most dismal DUI figures in all of California and Orange County. For this problem, the Huntington police division has produced an innovative program that will aid patrons of the numerous downtown bars to understand their alcohol limitation and remain off the street once they have reached it.

Back in 2011 Huntington Beach was rated as first place in California for vehicle injuries involving alcohol, in contrast with cities which are similar in size. This year, 164 people were murdered or harmed in automobile accidents connected with alcohol. So far this season there were nine deadly car accidents which could have been the result of alcohol. The surf is a large draw for those inhabitants of Huntington Beach in addition to the thousands of tourists that flood town for the fantastic volleyball competitions. The alcohol-related challenges arise when it’s time for all these drinkers to return home or back into their resorts.

Back in December, Officer Robert Handy came to Huntington Beach with the Phoenix Department. Then, he started studying the DUI issue in this new environment and began exploring alternative methods of reducing these offenses. Traffic stops and regular arrests weren’t showing results as they should, but a method that had success at Scottsdale, Arizona might. Officers enter downtown Huntington Beach pubs and to let customers try a breathalyzer test.

The cause for this solution is straightforward. Many drinkers just don’t understand how fast and easy it is to become too impaired to function properly. And because an individual’s weight plays a role in the way alcohol is processed, there’s not any better way to teach a drinker than showing them the exact BAC level after only a couple of drinks.

Would You Know Your Own DUI Limit?

Lots of drinkers continue to be under the belief that different kinds of alcohol can make you drunk quicker. The reality is, there’s just as much alcohol in a 12-ounce beer straight up as there is with a shot of liquor. Wine is not much better as just 5 ounces has the exact same effect.

Your own limit is dependent upon your body mass. For instance, at 120 pounds, you’ll be over the legal level with your next drink, but it’s going to take five beverages to achieve that limit for someone weighing 200 pounds. Do not rely solely upon this, however, other things can influence how fast your body absorbs alcohol, like if you’re on drugs or whether you’ve eaten recently.

By getting your BAC assessed while you’re out drinking, you’ll be amazed by how fast you’re over the legal limit, and the length of time needed after you’re done drinking for BAC levels to get underneath .08%. The expectation is that drinkers can be more aware of this effect and pay greater attention to just how much they drank prior to opting to drive.

You may feel that a couple of officials charging into a packed bar on Friday night could be a buzzkill, but the program has the opposite effect. Exactly what the officers are discovering is the fact that drinkers are interested in learning their limitations and receiving the “I know my limitation” sticker. This has come to be a wonderful chance for law enforcement to socialize with the town’s social scene in a non-threatening way. Officer Handy is expecting to see similar effects in his new town. This sort of education for the drinkers in the area might be just what the town needs to curb its DUI issue.

Though the outcomes are still uncertain, the plan claims to be among the very successful programs that Huntington Beach authorities have embarked to fight DUI. Up until today, visitors of this area were doubtful of the authorities, believing that their sole aim was to detain them. The campaign provides a chance to educate people rather than waiting until they get inside a vehicle.

The change of pace is a welcomed shift and may end up being the motivation that Huntington Beach needed to move to a better light in regards to DUI related traffic injuries.

When you’re arrested for DUI in Orange County or Huntington Beach, talking with a certified professional who has experience helping DUI defendants will be in your very best interest. Every drunk driving arrest differs, and no two offenders must obtain the specific same punishment for their crimes. Call now to get a free case consultation from a number of our experienced attorneys to assist you the answers you’re searching for.

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