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Recovery Center Benefits For Those Who Take Action

Like a lot of other problems in life, many people deny their drug abuse. Not only does the addict deny it, but often, close family and friends do as well. The addict typically believes they have their problem under control. Their family and friends may believe their usage is not as bad as it actually is. Even when an addict recognizes their need for recovery, they may avoid a recovery center for any of the following reasons:

There are many positive benefits you can attain through attending a recovery center. These benefits include improving your confidence, health, finances, and social life.

In 2015, 21.7 million people ages 12 and older abused drugs or alcohol, per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Unfortunately, out of those users, only 14% received treatment.

The fear of treatment programs often scares off many people from taking help from professionals. Just remember, treatment programs are typically not how they are portrayed in movies and on television.

The effectiveness of addiction treatment has been studied by researchers for many years. Their studies have shown that rehabilitation programs help people decrease their abuse of drugs and alcohol and live a life that is more productive and healthier. Rehab also reduces the crime rate among addicts. The studies by researchers have determined that addicts with a good aftercare plan in place are a lot more likely to be successful in their recovery.

In the 1990s, a study was performed by the government that compared how different outpatient recovery centersperformed. The initial goal was to discover which treatment options work best. Their study found that every program being used helped the addicts. The conclusion was that the kind of treatment chosen wasn’t what determined if the treatment was successful or not, but the addict making the original decision to attend treatment was.

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Which Is The Best California Rehabilitation Center?

At the California Rehabilitation center, there is hardly a week that goes by without hearing of some celebrity checking into a rehabilitation center for an alcohol or drug problem. Of course, when a celebrity goes to a California Rehabilitation Center, it is normally one that is high-class with a full spa, ocean views, and marble bathtubs. This kind of treatment can give rehabs a bad name for addiction treatment.

In the past, it was common for addicts to stay in a rehab clinic for 30 days. Unfortunately, insurance companies cringe at the idea of covering rehabilitation these days, so many Americans are unable to take advantage of them. This can make it seem as if California Rehabilitation centers are only meant for the rich and famous. Luckily, this isn’t so.

If your insurance doesn’t cover an inpatient stay at a rehabilitation center, consider an outpatient treatment. Experts say these are equally effective for most drug and alcohol addicts. As you can see from celebrities, even the fanciest California Rehabilitation Center doesn’t guarantee a successful treatment. Success only comes when the patient makes a lifelong effort to stay clean.

Inpatient Care

As stated earlier, many insurance companies do not like covering the costs of rehabilitation. For years, hardly any insurer was willing to cover these treatments. These days, though, many insurance plans now cover most of the costs associated with inpatient rehabilitation at facilities that are relatively inexpensive.

Most experts agree that inpatient recovery is needed most by addicts who also suffer from a severe psychiatric illness or those that come from a chaotic environment. For instance, if the addict’s family is also abusing a substance, an inpatient program can remove them from the environment and teach them how to overcome their addiction. If the patient has a steady job and a stable family, an outpatient treatment plan is usually enough.


Whether your addiction requires inpatient or outpatient care, if you are looking for a California rehabilitation center, Coastline Behavioral Health is here to assist you. Give us a call today you can start on the road to recovery.

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