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A study published in 2016 shows that about 21 million Americans have a substance use disorder. In 2018, there were about 15,000 addiction treatment centers in the U.S. Despite this, 90% of people with substance use disorders do not get treatment.  

There are various reasons why people fail to get addiction treatment. Here we explore some of the most common excuses they use to avoid going to get treatment. They use these excuses to reassure those around them and even themselves. It is essential to get treatment when you need it. Addiction is a disease, and it only gets worse if you avoid treatment. 

What are the excuses addicts use to avoid treatment? 

1. I Can Stop Whenever I Want

It is one of the most popular reasons addicts use. It gives them and their loved ones a delusion of control of the situation. However, it is hard to control symptoms like cravings, or the effects substances have on our bodies. 

Furthermore, there are those who get to quit but eventually relapse. They will use this reason to avoid taking steps of recovery after they relapse. The excuse is an entire myth because the longer and more substances you abuse, the more severe the addiction case. It will be much harder to stop because your body has become overly dependent on the substances. 

2. There Are People With a Worse Case Than Mine

We usually compare ourselves with others. Some people may avoid getting addiction help because there are people who are more addicted than them. We typically do not compare ourselves with total strangers but people in our social circles. However, you should know that their case of addiction is unrelated to yours. Rather than examining their issues, some people take some comfort in pointing fingers. 

3. It Will Be Shameful if People Find Out

Secrecy is a prevalent sign in people with a substance use disorder. They do not want people to find out about their substance use because they may feel judged or become social outcasts. It is wrong to treat people struggling with addiction with judgement because addiction is a disease. 

On the other hand, you should not feel ashamed to approach a loved one to get addiction help and support. There will be minimal long-term damage if you get help as soon as possible. 

4. I May Lose My Job

Some people worry about their job security if they take a noticeable leave to go into rehab. However, there should be no much cause for worry. You and every other employee can ensure job security during addiction treatment using the Family Medical Leave. It dictates that you can take unpaid leave for a maximum of 12 weeks to receive medical attention. Addiction treatment is part of the medical attention defined in this act. All public entities with at least 50 employees must observe this law.  

5. I Don’t Have The Financial Capability To Pay for Rehab.

Some addiction treatment programs are more costly than others. The cost of addiction treatment depends on various factors, including:

It would be best if you treat addiction like any other medical issue. Therefore, you should devote your resources usually to get help for yourself or a loved one.  You can also ask the addiction treatment centre if they have any friendly payment plans. 

6. I Am Using It (the Substance) For My Stress & Depression

Some people abuse substances as a coping mechanism for their stress, depression, and other issues they face. However, medication and substances are a temporary fix for depression and stress. You need to get to the root cause of the stress, for example, relationship issues, to eliminate it completely. Some useful treatment programs to consider are family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group counselling, and more. 

7. I Am Not an Addict

Denial prevents many people from getting addiction treatment. Most people in this stage experience little or no effects from their substance use disorder. For example, their finances are okay, family issues are minimal, and more. Denial increases the risk of developing a severe case of addiction. 

8. People Go to Rehab and Still Relapse

Relapse happens often. Research shows that the rate of relapse falls between 40% and 60%. Moreover, studies shows that the rate of relapse in addiction is similar in other chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Relapse is not the end of the journey. You should not give up because someone else relapsed. It would help to enroll in aftercare programs to minimize the risk of relapse. 

9. It’s My Life; I Can Do What I Want

It is an excuse to avoid treatment and a dangerous mentality at the same time.  The mentality triggers risky behavior like drinking and driving, polydrug use, and more. It is your life but it is also important to trust the words of experts who have spent years in training and polishing their skills. 



Addiction is a disease. Therefore, it would be best to avoid making excuses and get the appropriate treatment. People hide behind numerous excuses. Examples include i can stop when i want, relapse is possible, i have no money, I may lose my job, and more. 

It is sad that 90% of 21 million Americans with a substance use disorder fail to get treatment. Get over these excuses or help a loved one to get over them and get treatment. 


Substance Use Disorder Treatment in California

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