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My name is Paul Vidal. I am forty-nine years of age. I was born in the city of Los Angeles and I come from a large family. I basically was raised by my grandparents. I became the product of my environment, brushes with the law and drugs of all kinds were prevalent among my aunts and uncles. I perceived drinking and using to be normal behavior.

We are all offered many roads in life and I chose the wrong one. I took my first drink of alcohol at the age of thirteen and the race was on. I tried every current drug and pushed my life to serious consequences with the law. Today, I realize that many of my problems were self-driven, attitudinal and caused by me. I was broken and a ready candidate for recovery. I was forty-seven when I got sober. I found myself a home group in 12 Step Program and immediately found me a sponsor who had forty-one years of sobriety and he was quite demanding. That 12 Step Program has given me a life worth living. Working the twelve steps and practicing the spiritual principles while helping others, has given me hope of the promises to achieve a life of happy destiny. After twenty-eight months of recovery, I have a new passion to help other alcoholics and addicts achieve sobriety.

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