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Finding Help For Yourself

The Progression Of Addiction

In reality, very few people begin using alcohol or drugs with the express goal of becoming an alcoholic or addict. The path to addiction is different for each individual. Some can use experimentally for years without developing addictions, while others experience the four addiction stages in rapid succession. The truth about addiction to drugs and alcohol is multifaceted and appears to have physiological and psychological components, all of which contribute to individual thresholds.

Start Living Today

It’s said that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. It may feel like the journey to living sober one day at a time is a thousand miles away. Actually, your new life is only one call away. Our understanding and compassionate team will help you every step of the way to create the most fulfilling life possible. Now is the time when you can make a positive choice and seek treatment.


Asking For Help

Regain your health and chase life without addiction holding you back. The founders of our program are in recovery themselves and have developed a holistic clinical approach mixed with a strong experiential outlet on the beautiful coast of Orange County, California. You will learn tools to stay sober and how to apply them in your daily life after treatment. We know this is a hard phone call to make. We are here to show you that it can be the beginning of a new life that you never imagined was possible.

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