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Getting Help For A Loved One

Signs and Symptoms

While it may be true that some are able to drink socially and even use medically prescribed drugs and never become addicted, many are not as fortunate. The reasons and risk factors behind addiction are complex, and abuse is often a way to escape emotional, physical or psychological pain. It is important to understand that alcohol or drug seeking behavior may have more to do with underlying issues than it does with frequency of use.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

People of all ages, social-economic and education levels can be at risk for substance addiction. Overuse of any controlled substance should never be ignored as treatment it is often the only life-saving intervention available for those under addiction’s powerful hold. Opening your eyes and ears for common signs of addiction can be the beginning for an honest conversation to guide a family member to get help.

  • Problems at Work, Family
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Legal Problems, Arrests
  • Excuses for Behavior
  • Disinterest in Social Activities
  • Changes in Appearance
  • Hiding, Lying, Stealing, Cheating
  • Promising to Quit

Getting Help For A Loved One

At Coastline, we support your loved one in turning their life around and getting help with addiction, behavioral and mental health problems through ongoing guidance and support. We know looking for help for your loved one may be confusing, overwhelming and difficult. Our admissions team is available round the clock to help with questions and to find the best treatment option for your family member or friend.

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