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Finding the Right Addiction Treatment at Laguna Treatment Center

Deciding to get help for drug or alcohol addiction is brave. But taking the next step into treatment can feel scary. The caring experts at Laguna Treatment Center understand completely. They’ve helped thousands through this transition with compassion.

Laguna provides personalized addiction treatment in a welcoming environment right here in Orange County, California. Their research-based therapies and holistic healing services give you the tools and ongoing support to build a meaningful, substance-free life.

As a trusted local provider for over 20 years, Laguna Treatment Center deeply understands addiction and recovery here. Treatment plans are tailored using in-depth assessments and each client’s personal goals for healing.

Laguna’s complete range of programs offers the right level of support for every phase of recovery, from medically-supervised detox through maintaining lifelong sobriety and purpose. Their comprehensive services set you up for genuine, lasting change.

A Full Range of Treatment Services

Laguna Treatment Center offers supervised medical detox, inpatient rehab, different kinds of outpatient programs, and lifelong recovery services.

Their caring admissions team thoroughly evaluates each person’s history, mental health issues, and unique treatment needs. This helps Laguna’s doctors, therapists, counselors, nurses, and other professionals create customized treatment plans using evidence-based and holistic therapies tailored to each individual.

Getting clean is the crucial starting point. But real recovery demands commitment over the long-term. Laguna develops individualized care spanning from detox through sustained long-term sobriety. Their comprehensive approach promotes authentic healing.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Groups

In Laguna’s residential and outpatient programs, they offer gender-specific groups where men and women meet separately. Extensive research confirms same-sex groups enable more open, vulnerable sharing of personal experiences and emotions.

Male and female participants gain unique insights hearing candid perspectives from peers of their gender in a safe space. Counseling explores topics like healthy masculinity, empowered femininity, family roles, and more. Laguna has seen immense therapeutic value in gender-based therapy.

Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Over half of those struggling with addiction also live with conditions like depression, PTSD or anxiety. Having dual diagnoses requires integrated care that treats both the addiction and mental health condition at the same time.

Laguna’s psychiatric specialists are trained to treat dual diagnoses. The right mix of therapies, education, and properly managed medications can help stabilize both addiction and mental health symptoms together. The goal is integrative healing of mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Therapies For Whole Health

Along with clinical counseling, Laguna uses holistic practices like art, music, yoga, meditation, 12-step introduction, recreation, and more.

Good nutrition, massage, acupuncture, and fitness training help repair the body. Meditation, equine therapy, nature access, and neurofeedback provide spiritual grounding. Holistic options allow more complete healing.

Offering Family Support Services

Addiction harms the whole family system. Laguna strongly encourages loved ones to join family education and counseling. Learning about addiction and recovery equips families to better support the healing process.

Licensed counselors guide families through overcoming past volatility, rebuilding broken trust, and making peace. Restoring family connections motivates clients to sustain sobriety beyond rehab.

Fostering Lifelong Recovery Through Community

The Laguna Treatment Center community continues beyond program completion through ongoing events, groups, and mentoring. They support the whole person in recovery, not just during treatment. Clients gain an instant 24/7 support network.

This lifelong approach strengthens the ability to sustain sobriety, positive changes, and purpose over the long haul. Laguna becomes a second family, always available when needed. Their devotion fuels lifelong health and meaning.


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