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Finding the Right Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County, CA

Deciding to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is an incredibly brave first step. But taking the next step into a structured rehab program can feel daunting. The good news is there are options that allow you to receive intensive treatment while maintaining your home, school, and work routines.

For many, intensive outpatient treatment offers the optimal balance of professional care and independence. Coastline Behavioral Health provides personalized intensive outpatient programs (IOP) at their comfortable center in Orange County, CA. Their evidence-based therapies, holistic healing services and caring community supply the tools and accountability to build a meaningful, empowered life in recovery.

How Coastline’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Works

Coastline’s IOP provides intensive group and one-on-one therapy approximately 5-10 hours per week. This allows individuals to continue living at home while receiving treatment tailored to their needs.

Some attend Coastline’s IOP 5 days a week while others opt for a part-time schedule of evenings or weekends that fits with obligations. Each day incorporates educational classes on addiction’s bio-psych-social dynamics, process groups with peers, individual counseling with licensed therapists, introduction to 12-step principles, mindfulness practices, holistic activities like art therapy or restorative yoga, and more.

Time is also devoted to practicing new tools that empower individuals to successfully navigate potential triggers encountered in daily life. However, IOP removes clients from triggers naturally present in the home setting for several hours each day. Coastline’s supportive community provides much-needed understanding, encouragement and accountability.

Custom Tailored Treatment Planning

Prior to starting IOP, Coastline’s caring intake specialists thoughtfully assess each client’s history, mental health issues, and unique needs to inform a personalized treatment plan. For some, their outpatient program may follow residential rehab to help solidify gains made in that more intensive setting. Others may start directly with IOP as their primary treatment path.

Treatment plans integrate individual and group counseling, education on addiction and mental health, introduction to 12-step recovery programs, medication management, and holistic healing practices tailored to each person’s substance abuse profile, underlying disorders, and aspirations for health and wholeness.

Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Sadly, over half of those struggling with addiction also live with co-occurring psychiatric issues like depression, PTSD or severe anxiety. Having dual diagnoses requires care that concurrently treats both the addiction and underlying mental health conditions in an integrated way.

Coastline’s psychiatrists and clinical team are specially trained and experienced in treating dual diagnosis clients with care and compassion. Therapies, education, and properly managed medications help stabilize symptoms of mental illness that often fuel or exacerbate substance abuse. True, integrative healing of mind, body and spirit is the ultimate goal.

Incorporating Holistic Healing Practices

In addition to individual counseling, psychoeducation, and group therapy, Coastline’s intensive outpatient program incorporates a mosaic of holistic healing practices designed to bring about deeper transformation by accessing the creative spirit.

These include art, music and equine therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga, recreational activities, 12-step work, and more. Good nutrition, acupuncture, massage, and fitness training gently help repair the body from the inside out. Meditation, neurofeedback, time outdoors, and experiential therapies provide spiritual grounding and soothing emotional balance.

Offering Family Support Services

Because addiction is a disease impacting the entire family system, Coastline offers family programs including education, multifamily group counseling, and tools to help begin rebuilding trust. Licensed marriage and family therapists also guide families through their own journey toward understanding and making peace with years of volatility, manipulation, broken promises, and pain caused by their loved one’s substance abuse.

Restoring those family connections often provides powerful motivation for a client to sustain sobriety even beyond completion of a rehab program. Families gain insights on how to lovingly support lasting recovery.

Fostering Lifelong Recovery Through Community

The Coastline community extends far beyond completion of any single treatment program. They continuously care for and support the whole person in recovery, not just during their time in IOP. Clients gain an instant circle of fellow alumni, staff, and volunteers who relate deeply and rally around one another.

This comprehensive lifelong approach fosters positive change from the inside out and empowers alumni to maintain purpose and emotional sobriety in the long run. Coastline becomes an extended family, always available whenever needed. Their heartfelt devotion fuels lifelong hope, health, and meaning.


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