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Finding the Right Alcohol & Drug Detox Center in Huntington Beach

Deciding to get help for addiction is brave. But taking the next step into a detox program can feel scary. Know that you don’t have to take this first step alone. The caring team at Coastline Behavioral Health is here to guide you through alcohol or drug detox in Huntington Beach with compassionate 24/7 medical supervision.

As a leading local detox provider, their doctors, nurses and counselors will help you detox comfortably and safely. Their comprehensive treatment plans set you up for lasting sobriety.

What Happens During Medically Supervised Detox?

At Coastline’s tranquil detox center, clients are medically monitored 24/7 during the withdrawal process. Based on clinical evaluations, medications may be administered to ease symptoms. This helps minimize the pain, anxiety and cravings often associated with detox.

Caring staff provide support when you need it most. Integrative therapies like acupuncture, massage and mindfulness help relax the nervous system. Nutritious meals and yoga promote healing. With around-the-clock medical care, detox duration is customized for your specific needs.

The goal is to gently cleanse toxins from your body and mind so you can start fresh. Coastline’s nurturing environment helps make detox safe and comfortable. This first step launches you on a journey back to health and clarity.

Custom Treatment Planning for Lasting Success

Detox is just the beginning. Coastline’s intake specialists thoughtfully assess each client’s history, mental health and medical needs. This allows them to create a tailored treatment plan spanning from detox through ongoing aftercare.

Seamless transitions are coordinated to residential rehab or outpatient services. Coastline also offers specialized dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. Their comprehensive, integrated care plans support long-term recovery.

Importance of Family Involvement in Treatment

Addiction impacts the whole family. Coastline strongly encourages loved ones to participate in their family education and therapy program. Learning about addiction as a disease helps families support the recovery process.

Family counseling also aids healing after years of damaged relationships and trust resulting from addiction. Coastline helps families reconnect and embrace recovery together.

Sober Living & Outpatient Services After Detox

Completing detox is a pivotal moment. To sustain success, Coastline’s dedicated case managers help clients take the optimal next steps, like entering residential rehab or attending outpatient treatment while residing in structured sober living homes.

Coastline partners with high-quality local sober living providers. Their own outpatient center offers personalized therapy, group counseling, 12-step work, life skills classes, holistic practices, and continued family services. Early recovery requires commitment and accountability. Coastline provides ongoing customized care when clients need it most.

Why Choose Coastline’s Huntington Beach Detox Center?

  • Trusted, compassionate local provider with over 20 years’ experience
  • Licensed medical doctors, psychiatrists, addiction specialist nurses
  • Evidence-based treatment protocols tailored to each client
  • Peaceful setting with upscale amenities and bedroom suites
  • CARF-accredited programs
  • Seamless transitions to rehab or outpatient care
  • Lifelong aftercare services
  • Most insurance plans accepted

Take the First Step Toward Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction progress without treatment. But so does hope with the right help. Coastline Behavioral Health provides medically supervised detox in a serene environment to start you on a journey back to health. Contact them today to take that first step. Their dedicated recovery team will walk each step with you.


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