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Our Coastline Behavioral Health Center in Orange County, California provides complete drug rehabilitation for clients looking for successful drug treatment outcome. Our Orange County Rehab Center was created to serve the local community and the entirety of Southern California. It is our belief that our clients should feel relaxed and comfortable while in our rehab center for addiction treatment. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction will have negative effects on an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Our staff understands that for heroin detox to be successful, a wide variety of additional support services and programs must be integrated to help head off any chance of drug relapse.

We are proud to be the leading drug and alcohol addiction recovery center in Orange County, California. We offer our clients the latest in treatment modules available making us one of the leading rehab centers in Orange County. It is our belief that each and every individual that chooses to admit themselves to our luxury rehab center will benefit from our counselor’s knowledge and experiences with addiction and addiction recovery from heroin and meth.

Our Clients Come First

At Coastline Behavioral Health in Orange County, California, we put our client’s needs first in everything we do, ensuring that they receive the finest inpatient drug rehab experience. Because we are a full-service drug rehab center we are able to offer our rehab clients access to programs and treatments that other rehab centers may not have. Our in-house drug detox staff carefully monitors our clients 24/7 ensuring that their opiate detox or benzo detox symptoms are handled immediately and with great care. Inpatient rehab services at Coastline are comprehensive and give our clients a great recovery foundation when moving on to outpatient rehab services in Orange County, CA.

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Should you have questions about your own addiction or the drug abuse of a loved one, call Coastline Behavioral Health now to find out what we offer. Breaking the bonds of meth addiction or alcohol addiction can seem impossible, but the truth is with professional inpatient rehab for addiction many individuals find freedom from their addiction and go on to lead productive full lives. Each and every staff member at Coastline Behavioral Health is fully screened and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge dealing with a wide variety of addiction treatment experience. Because many of our staff have gone through drug addiction recovery themselves, we understand first-hand how difficult seeking and receiving addiction treatment can be.

The fear of the unknown is often an obstacle to seeking inpatient drug rehab in Orange County, CA. We work hard to break those barriers down and reach potential clients at their level, gaining the trust they are looking for before committing to a drug treatment program. The truth is that leaning on others and trusting them with your life while you go through drug detox symptoms and deal with lingering withdrawal issues can be difficult for anyone seeking sobriety. Our Orange County inpatient rehab center provides all the support addicts and their families seek while going through drug treatment.


Orange County Rehab Activites


Part of the process Coastline Behavioral Health uses to reach clients lost to addiction and drug abuse involves engaging them in activities. These activities are designed to help clients uncover hidden reasons for their drug addiction and help them find healing through experiential therapies. Many clients arrive at our Orange County center without positive coping mechanisms, including self-control, and find themselves having trouble dealing with some of the more severe drug withdrawal symptoms and cognitive changes that occur when addicted to drugs such as opiates or benzos. By engaging clients in activities such as yoga, ocean activities, group therapies, hiking outings and sand play therapy, the walls begin to come down between staff and clients. This allows for the further development of trust and invites a willingness to participate in additional therapies that bring healing. By replacing substance abuse habits with healthier, focused activities allows clients to find some much-needed freedom from their drug-seeking thoughts.


Orange County, California is known for its fantastic weather and ocean access, making it one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Access to nature is abundant in Orange County, and Coastline Behavioral Health clients can take advantage of the multitude of outside activities that Orange County has to offer. Many clients seek treatment in Southern California, leaving their homes across the United States to have access to the healing that can come from being outdoors all year around. With miles of beautiful beaches to views of the mountains in the distance, Orange County is a truly beautiful place. To find out more about how you or your loved one can enjoy inpatient rehab in Orange County, CA, simply contact us using the form on the top of this page, or calling us directly. We look forward to answering and addressing any questions you may have about our location and our facility.

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