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My Addiction Isn’t Severe Enough

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Addiction Severity

There are many myths associated with addiction. Such myths can be harmful and hinder recovery efforts. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate drug addiction facts from treatment myths. One common belief about drug addiction is that an addiction isn’t severe enough to seek treatment. This myth is very misleading and downright dangerous. When someone becomes addicted to a substance, this usually doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, but after a while, the body becomes used to getting the substance and will become dependent upon it. At first, small doses are needed to get the desired effect.

Even if you think you are able to control your addiction because you aren’t a heavy drug user,  you are still a candidate for addiction treatment. A dangerous treatment myth is the belief that you don’t need treatment unless you have a severe addiction. This simply is not true. After regular use, the body will build up a tolerance which means more and more of the substance will be needed to get the same desired effects. Therefore, the addiction grows. It keeps growing until it is out of hand. Allowing an addiction to go unchecked can have devastating consequences, such as:

  • Damaged relationships
  • Loss of employment
  • Financial difficulties
  • Health problems
  • Death

Addiction Length

Whether you have just developed an addiction or have been using for years, it is best to seek treatment. Many people have the false belief that because they haven’t been using drugs or alcohol for very long, that it is not a problem. Perhaps, you’ve started using drugs or alcohol just to take the edge off a stressful day or to unwind. You might be surprised to know that the body is able to build a tolerance to substances relatively quick. Therefore, you’ll need to take more of a drug and before you know it, you’re addicted. So, you see, even if you haven’t been addicted for years, you still may need help.

Addiction Type

Perhaps you take prescription medications or maybe you drink alcohol. Maybe you’re someone who uses drugs recreationally. Whatever the case, there may be a need for you to seek treatment. A treatment myth that is often confused with drug addiction facts is that because a doctor prescribes you medication, it is safe and you do not need to worry about addiction. Or, you feel you have your alcohol consumption or recreational drug use under control. This thinking is dangerous and can prevent you from seeking help before your addiction balloons to a problem that overtakes your life. The instant you realize you cannot get through the day without taking a drug or getting a taste of alcohol, you have a serious problem and you need to get help. As you can see, the severity of your addiction, the length of time you’ve been addicted and the type of substance to which you’re addicted is not a determining factor for seeking treatment. As your addiction grows, you and others around you will notice that there’s a problem. Seeking rehab in Huntington Beach, CA can help you overcome addiction and stay on the road to recovery.

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