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Virtual Care

Seeking help for addiction starts with a simple phone call or video chat. Virtual care provides that low-barrier first appointment. Our telehealth services deliver initial assessments, referrals, and guidance right from home. While inpatient treatment remains vital for medical detox and intensive therapies, virtual care can inform and empower your first steps toward sobriety.

Overcoming Barriers to Rehab

Admitting an addiction problem requires courage. But taking the next step into treatment can seem daunting. Fear of being judged, missing work, affording care, or leaving responsibilities can stall action. Virtual services bridge these barriers to recovery.

An initial telehealth visit provides confidential, convenient consultations. No commuting or rearranging life needed. Simply log on from anywhere with a phone or device. Licensed counselors assess your situation with compassion. They explain treatment options tailored to your needs in clear terms. You can invite family into video sessions for their support.

Telehealth begins building trust and hope. Counselors listen without judgment and instill belief in better days ahead. They guide you to the right treatment levels, resources, and next steps. Virtual care ignites the recovery process from the privacy of your home.


A Custom Roadmap to Rehab

Each path to rehab is unique. Your history, health, lifestyle, and obligations shape your journey. Our virtual assessments uncover these factors. Counselors learn your treatment history, mental health, trauma, and family dynamics. This informs creation of your recovery roadmap.

Your custom plan recommends optimal programs and settings. We suggest timeframes, therapies, and resources to match your profile. The goal is to set you up for lasting success after treatment. Our virtual team remains by your side each step implementing the plan. We make coordination smooth and stress-free.

You'll know exactly what to expect before entering intensive inpatient or outpatient care. There are no surprises. You're equipped with knowledge of the therapies, medication plans, activities, and discharge goals. Virtual services establish confidence before your treatment chapter begins.


Support Across the Recovery Spectrum

Virtual telehealth enables support at every phase - from pre-rehab readiness to lifelong maintenance. Initial video sessions prepare the foundations as described. But virtual care also sustains your recovery journey long after.

For those leaving intensive inpatient or outpatient programs, telehealth provides seamless continuity. Your therapist and group can remain intact online for smooth progress. We also refer you to high-quality virtual aftercare, counseling, peer groups, and more. Location doesn't limit ongoing care.

Years into sobriety, virtual tools help you maintain gains. Brief telehealth visits give tune-ups and quickly address challenges. Online peer communities provide motivation. Apps support lifestyle balance, medication reminders, and coping tools. Virtual offerings keep your long-term recovery thriving.


Family Involvement from Anywhere

Another benefit of telehealth is easy family inclusion. Loved ones can join video sessions from anywhere. Their vital support and perspectives inform treatment planning. Virtual groups educate families on building healthy dynamics.

Ongoing virtual counseling empowers families to have constructive discussions. It helps identify and change enabling patterns. Sessions guide loved ones to express care, not frustration. Family feel involved in the recovery process when they can log in from home.

Peer groups for loved ones exist too. They find comfort and wisdom in sharing experiences. Mutual support nurtures family healing alongside the member in treatment. Telehealth conveniently unites families around recovery.


Medication Management via Telehealth

Prescription medication assists many individuals in recovery. Maintenance drugs help stabilize brain chemistry disrupted by substance abuse. Our medical team works virtually to determine best regimens.

Initial video visits gather your psychiatric history and symptoms. Doctors assess your needs and expectations. They educate you on proven medication options. You'll understand dosages, interactions, side effects, and targets. Ongoing telehealth appointments adjust prescriptions as needed.

Remote prescription makes access easy. Medications are filled at local pharmacies for pick up. Telehealth removes obstacles to this vital tool for managing addiction. Ongoing virtual care ensures medications complement your overall treatment.


Intensive Inpatient or Outpatient Care

While virtual services offer many benefits, intensive therapies require in-person treatment. Medical detox, counseling, skills training, and peer support have powerful impacts.

Once you complete telehealth prep and assessment, we help you take the step into immersive rehab. Our admissions team handles all arrangements and details. We set you up for a smooth transition into the right program.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment provides the foundation for lifelong recovery. Virtual tools THEN sustain the gains. But intensive therapy lays the groundwork. We make entering this vital phase simple and stress-free.


Contact Coastline Behavioral Health Today To Find Out If Virtual Care Is Suitable For You:

Virtual telehealth removes roadblocks to rehab. Online assessments, therapy, groups, med management and family support services prime your recovery journey. These make treatment feel more welcoming, accessible and effective. But for long-term success, inpatient or outpatient remains key. With virtual prep and ongoing telehealth follow-up, you CAN reclaim joy and purpose. Contact Coastline Behavioral Health today to start with a simple video call. Your healing is waiting - we're ready when you are.

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