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Our founders, Justin Eakin and Jason Jacobs, created Coastline Behavioral Health with a purpose to offer a program that was different and more comprehensive than most traditional treatment centers. Realizing that many programs can be rigid and less client-focused, they wanted to create a model that placed importance on each client’s personal treatment plan with the support of a 12-step program. Together, they wanted to maintain a high accountability program that came from the heart.

Located in Huntington Beach, California, Coastline Behavioral Health offers all levels of care (partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient and transitional living) in our men’s and women’s alcohol and drug treatment programs, including treatment for behavioral health issues such as PTSD, OCD, depression, anger management and trauma. With Joint Commission Accreditation, we maintain sound business practices, ASAM protocols and ethics in our clinical outreach. We open our doors to individuals and families looking for hope and a new way of life.

“I am so proud to know that the relationships we maintain within our community are genuine and the treatment we provide carries the same integrity as we present it. Our purpose is to not only help clients through their entire treatment episode, but to also guide them on their path to continued sobriety. This is only possible because of the cohesiveness of all the departments at Coastline. From our house managers, operations, clinical, experiential and our executive teams, everyone puts in the extra effort to ensure quality care for all clients. Every employee is an asset and positively influences our culture, so we can always do the right thing for our clients and their families.”

Justin Eakin, CEO, Co-Founder, Coastline Behavioral Health


Recovery is a journey that we take hand in hand with our clients. When we stop using reality sets in and our conscious floods with horrors of the past. We are here to help anyone looking for treatment and we are excited to share more about what Coastline Behavioral Health has to offer. Having experienced addiction and the trials and tribulations from that dark period of our lives, we embrace all clients as brothers and sisters. Our ability to numb and discard our emotions is no longer an option and this is when the real work begins. From our professional and personal experiences, we have found that through a positive clinical approach alongside Experiential Therapy, our clients can thrive during integration back into healthy, productive lives.

Our exceptional staff has over 100 years of combined addiction treatment experience including master’s level credentials and personal success stories. Every Coastline employee commits to demonstrate positive values for our clients. We stand by the principal that our treatment programs must model comprehensive and intentional structure that allows for healing and rebuilding of trust. Accountability is central to our culture as it helps clients address past addiction stumbling blocks and help ensure long-term recovery.


Coastline knows that addiction, whether it involves alcohol or drugs, is a disease. Like many other diseases, people suffering from addiction may have genetic predispositions or environmental exposures that left them vulnerable to substance abuse. We take these factors, and psychological and physiological factors, into account when applying therapeutic techniques. In order to address underlying psychological issues which can derail recovery, we utilize several therapy models to help meet clients at their own level.

Our treatment program emphasizes client progress and sustainable success.

  • Increase self-awareness and identify underlying issues that might threaten sobriety;
  • Psycho-educate on the processes of addiction and the principles of recovery.;
  • Equip with coping skills and self-care tools needed to support sobriety;
  • Establish an independent (self-help) sober program;
  • Teach how to consistently self-regulate thoughts, feelings and behaviors;
  • Encourage respect and authenticity within themselves; and
  • Foster a positive, safe environment which allows clients to thrive in their sobriety.

Each client meets with their Case Manager and Therapist for individual sessions each week. The treatment team works with the client and their family through their entire program – fully supporting all efforts for a successful discharge and a strong foundation for long-term sobriety.


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
Full days of programming integrated with experiential therapy are provided Monday through Saturday.
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Morning, afternoon and evening sessions provide more flexible hours while transitioning back to work and family life.
Outpatient Program (OP)
Continued support with group and individual sessions with clinical staff and case management.
Medicine Assisted Detox
Safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol in a clinical setting with 24/7 monitoring by addiction professionals.
Sober Living
Safe, substance-free residences are owned by the company to give clients the best possible opportunity to build a strong foundation while in our program. We have separate male and female residences.
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Coastline Behavioral Health helps clients deal with the stronghold of addiction and behavioral health issues to develop healthier life skills to facilitate sobriety. Alcohol and drug addiction changes behavior in ways that are detrimental and we work in all areas of a client’s life including employment, personal relationships, finances, and health. Coastline Behavioral Health is set apart from the others in modality and treatment options, including the components of experiential therapy that have been developed by specialists in the addiction recovery field to meet individual client needs. 

To find out more about our treatment program in Southern California, you can call to speak with a member of our admissions team. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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