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Considering An Intervention?

When a person is battling drug or alcohol addiction, everyone around that person feels the effects of their addiction. If someone you care about is struggling, it may be time to plan a drug addiction intervention. Although the addict may not realize it at the time, an alcohol addiction intervention is an act of love. It is a chance for those affected by the addict’s actions to express their concern and provide support to the addict to encourage change. If your loved one could benefit from an intervention, follow the tips below to lead a successful drug addiction intervention.


A Safe & Relaxing Environment

The first goal of Coastline rehab for women in Huntington Beach is to provide a safe place for women seeking drug rehab and recovery from alcohol addiction. For drug rehab to be successful for women, the environment must be carefully designed to support the safety and comfort necessary for women. Every aspect of our women’s rehab center is focused on providing a secure place for true healing and recovery from drug addiction and abuse. Our staff is exceptionally trained and is supportive and encouraging, allowing those in our Women’s Inpatient Rehab center and women’s detox program Huntington Beach to receive the finest drug treatment available.

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Why Is Drug Rehab for Women Different?

The issues that are specific to women seeking addiction recovery in Orange County require special consideration when outlining women’s addiction recovery program plans. Many women in our Addiction Treatment Center are struggling with codependency and dual diagnosis issues, meaning that unhealthy relationships and body image issues are often present. There are other social and psychological issues that are specific to women in rehab that need to be addressed such as support from their loved ones and from local support groups.Women who have supportive and appropriate relationships with their mates are more likely to be able to accept help and remain in drug rehab for the recommended amount of time.

Coastline rehab center for women in Huntington Beach recognizes that rebuilding self-esteem is vital to successful recovery. Giving women struggling with heroin addiction or alcoholism the opportunity to build self-confidence is our first goal and should be part of any high quality woman’s addiction rehab treatment program. When women feel cared for and supported, the likelihood of long-term recovery is much higher. Through Individual Therapy and Group Therapy For Women, and other experiential therapies, women seeking sobriety are given safe zones to work though underlying issues related to their personal struggle with addiction.


Sensitivity to women’s needs to be protected from feeling emotionally exposed or judged, Coastline women’s rehab center commits to offering each women the ability to share within small, secure group settings. There are specific components of Coastline’s rehab program for women in Orange County, CA that enable us to provide superior drug treatment for women and their loved ones. Providing gender specific group meetings allows our clients to share gender-related issues specific to their addiction struggles without feeling insecure. A quality drug rehab and drug detox program nearby should provide support for the body, mind and soul.

For women struggling with addiction and seeking alcohol and drug rehab in Huntington Beach, CA we provide the following for our clients with the opportunity to build healthy new friendships. We feel that trust and honesty are vital to our women’s rehab program and our staff works hard to help clients develop deep, lasting relationships with other women struggling with addiction and recovery issues. The community felt within Coastline women’s rehab is special, and is one of the reasons our program is so highly regarded. Counselors and therapists provide our women with understanding and compassion that helps build trust and openness important to uncovering drug seeking behaviors.


At Coastline Rehab Center we offer several programs specific to the needs of women seeking addiction recovery. We encourage women and their loved ones to carefully consider the important decision of inpatient drug rehab for addiction in Huntington Beach. We offer our clients drug detox for heroin, meth addiction detox, and alcohol detox in safe secure facilities designed to address the personal and emotional needs of women.

We also offer inpatient drug rehab for opiate addiction that encourages experiential therapy for addiction and group therapy for dual diagnosis and emotional issues. Our outpatient drug rehab program for women in Orange County provides exceptional support and services for women choosing to remain at home or sober living facility during drug rehab. Sober living facilities that help women handle re-engagement into society are vital for sobriety success. We are proud to offer well-rounded, custom tailored rehab services to the greater Huntington Beach area.

Alochol rehab is as much of a focus as drug rehab here at Coastline. Women’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Huntington Beach is definitely trending upwards.  Our goal at Coastline women’s rehab center is to help our clients realize the fundamentals for engaging supportive and positive relationships with others, starting with fellow rehab clients who are women. Women are wired differently then men and their addiction issues are often the result of unhealthy relationships and trauma in their past. Helping and nurturing mature relationships protected from sexual attractions gives clients the freedom to learn about their own desires, dreams and goals with others learning to do the same.

Building skills that will help recovering addicts to become self-sufficient and self-confident once they are ready for Womens Sober Living In Orange County is our goal. Many women who enter our inpatient drug rehab program have lost their self identity to drug abuse and addiction. The skills needed to maintain sobriety are vital for long term success, and many clients will need to address their own boundary issues that have contributed to their drug seeking behaviors prior to admission.


The issue of drug addiction among women is not necessarily new, but it has caused an erosion of society over the course of history. Women who find themselves addicted to painkillers often have children dependent on them to provide nurturing and care. Society has fed women with the ideal of perfection, something that is unattainable, and has perpetuated a lack of support for mothers struggling with addiction and seeking drug rehab for themselves. The real fear of losing familial support, or custody of their children, often prevents women from seeking the addiction help they so desperately need. Coastline Drug Rehab in Huntington Beach provides a safe, secure place for true addiction recovery and offers support for families dealing with addiction. We provide Addiction Therapy For Women in Orange County from our offices in Huntington Beach.

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