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Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Coastline Behavioral Health offers clients in our women’s drug rehab programs access to group therapy sessions. Group therapy for addiction allows women to share about life experiences and gain feedback when setting recovery goals. Our group therapy for addiction meeting are female only, giving women a safe place to discuss feelings of loss, shame and hope with others going through the same rehab process. Every one of our groups is lead by a professional counselor, someone trained in group therapy settings and drug addiction recovery. Our women’s groups are kept small so that participants can share within a smaller setting which many women find less intimidating.

One of the more important aspects of any quality inpatient rehab program in Orange County, group therapy for addiction gives clients a judgement-free zone where frank discussions regarding recovery are invited. Relationships are built between group members, and some of these friendships continue for lifetimes as the bonds built in group therapy are very strong. Whether struggling with alcoholism or heroin addiction our women’s group therapy for addiction is one of the highlights of our extensive rehabilitation program. Women graduating from our drug rehab program in Huntington Beach often tell us that the feedback received from others within their therapy groups was instrumental in their recovery. Whether you have been through Rehab In New Jersey or elsewhere you will find women from all over the country in our groups. 


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Advantages of Group Therapy

There are numerous advantages to women group therapy for addiction offered at Coastline rehab centers. Many of our counselors feel that the results witnessed in group therapy settings often outshine results seen during individual therapy sessions. While this is not always the case, group therapy does offer some distinct advantages that our women enjoy.

  • Educational insight to addiction recovery
  • Empowerment of members through feedback
  • Peer support regarding recovery goals
  • Relationship development that extends outside group sessions
  • Rebuilding of hope and encouragement that recovery is possible
  • Expose members to other addiction stories
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Encourages a sense of routine and structure

Some of the other benefits of group therapy for addiction are the feeling of inclusivity. For many women recovering from alcohol addiction or meth addiction the road to recovery is lonely. Individual therapy sessions will not help clients with feelings of isolation the same way group involvement will. All women have a basic desire to be wanted and accepted for who they are, despite their addictions and for many of our clients, group therapy sessions might be the first time they have ever felt supported. Our Experiential Therapy program adds an additional dimension to the building of relationships.

There is a team mentality that is innate within groups who participate in therapy together. When women feel part of a larger process, and are surrounded by other women with the same goals and dreams, the motivation to push each other towards success is high. It is natural for teammates to root for each other, and women in therapy groups for addiction are just like other teams. The professional counselor often acts as a coach of sorts, helping steer the team in the right direction so that the goal of addiction recovery is always the focus.


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