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Women’s Therapies for Drug Addiction

Women's Rehab
Women’s Therapies

About Women’s Therapies

At Coastline rehab center, we are committed to helping women find the true reason for their drug addiction and we offer our clients access to therapies for drug addiction that promote real healing. We believe that the disease of addiction is treatable and that lasting sobriety can be achieved. Our drug rehab in Huntington Beach gives women unfettered opportunities to receive specialized therapies for drug addiction in a safe, gender-specific rehab center.

Every women’s drug addiction journey is unique to their individual genetic and environmental histories. There are many risk factors for alcoholism and opiate addition that can directly and indirectly lead to drug addiction in women. For some women, their genetic makeup might make  them more impulsive or thrill-seeking. Other women may be more vulnerable to drug addiction as a result of exposure to traumatic events or sexual assaults. Whatever the underlying reasons for drug addiction, our women’s inpatient rehab center provides a nurturing environment for our clients to receive therapies for drug addiction.

Coastline Behavior Health offers women counseling and experiential therapy in order to help uncover what caused the addiction, as well as teaching women to listen to their body’s responses to stress that could lead to relapse. Certified addiction therapists help the women in our drug addiction treatment center to sort through lingering withdrawal symptoms and mental health issues that can derail alcohol treatment success. Physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal such as intense drug cravings can last for weeks, and sometimes months. Learning how to manage the lifelong battle of barbiturate withdrawal symptoms can mean that women have a real chance at sober living following inpatient treatments.

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Different Therapies Offered for Drug Addiction

There are many types of successful therapies for drug addiction offered to the women at Coastline. Dealing with the emotional aspects of addiction is important as these issues may not go away prior to discharge from a recovery center. There have been major advances in therapies for drug addiction over the past few decades as the understanding of the disease and it’s hold on drug addicts is better acknowledged.


Experiential Therapy

Coastline rehab center offers experiential therapy for women in our alcohol treatment and opiate addiction programs. This unique treatment modality was developed to address the issue of disconnection between physical and mental health that often exists in women. Coastline considers experiential therapy to be at the heart of our program offerings. Rebuilding a women’s sense of identity and self worth is so important during alcohol rehab programs. The skills learned through sand play and hiking build teamwork, accountability and discipline that addicts find they need help reestablishing. An experiential program that is part of therapies for drug addiction allows women to engage in outdoor and indoor activities designed to build trust and lead to open communication.


Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions help our women client’s to feel that they are not alone. Drug addiction can often result in a women being cut off from the people who mean the most to her, whether it be her children, spouse, or parents. This isolation brings shame and guilt with it, and is one of the most cited reasons women in our drug rehab in Huntington Beach resist sharing with others. Group therapy for women struggling with addiction allows for peers to share their own journeys with suboxone detox and heroin addiction and make connections that help others, too. Getting positive feedback from other women going through the same painful recovery process can lead to constructive behavioral changes. Safe and secure, our group therapy program at Coastline rehab center for women strives to help women rebuild their lives and gain lasting sobriety.


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