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Bridging The Gap From Rehab To Recovery

When you start the long journey of recovery in Orange County, it starts with medical detox and then an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The next step is to go home. While the thought of going home is a relief to some, to others it is truly overwhelming. Some people don’t have a strong support system and their home might be an environment full of triggers. For these individuals, a Halfway House is the answer

A Halfway House can help you make the transition from treatment to home. This is very beneficial for individuals who are committed to sober living. The environment is one that is supportive and can help a person make the transition to home life more easily. There’s just enough structure to ensure a person must follow the rules but gives them enough freedom to be able to make their own decisions and enjoy life drug-free. Halfway houses have much to offer their clients, but such clients must meet some expectations.


What Halfway Houses Offer

A halfway house offers a sober living environment to individuals who have completed drug and alcohol treatment and are transitioning to home life. The amount of time you will stay in the halfway house can vary. Most stays are from three to 12 months. The idea is that you will stay as long as you need to get back on your feet, find a job and to feel comfortable with your sobriety. You are given more freedom in a halfway house than what you were while in inpatient treatment. You can attend school or work while living at a halfway house, but you are still required to attend recovery meetings to show you are committed to recovery.

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What Is Expected of Clients

When you enter a halfway house, you have to be committed to sober living. Therefore, you can expect some ground rules during your stay that you must abide by. Some of the most common expectations include:

You must remain drug and alcohol-free. You’ve committed to living sober when you took up residence at the halfway house. To ensure residents comply, random drug testing will take place.

  • You will be required to complete chores as your contribution to the halfway house.
  • There is to be no fighting among residents. Everyone is expected to get along in a peaceful environment.
  • You must not steal and you must respect others’ property.
  • There is a curfew and you are required to abide by it.
  • You must attend recovery meetings.
  • You are required to interview for jobs if you aren’t already employed.

For those who have been through drug and alcohol treatment, a halfway house offers sober living which can help a person stay on the road to recovery until they are ready to make the transition to living at home. A halfway house offers more support and structure than what one would get when they move home which is the perfect solution for anyone just finishing their treatment. The time right after finishing drug and alcohol treatment is a vulnerable time for most recovering addicts. A halfway house can minimize the overwhelming feelings that accompany an individual when they are released from a treatment program. This ultimately will lead to a more successful outcome and prepare a person to stay clean long-term.

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