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Transitional Living

About Transitional Living

Every woman has a unique story they bring with them on their journey to recovery. Some have experienced relapses, abuse and trauma so they may have negative self-views and may struggle with trust. These experiences are the very foundation for our approach to treatment and our transitional living program designed specifically for women.  When entering our ‘home’, we treat everyone with respect and dignity to provide a safe, warm and inclusive environment that fosters healing, builds rapport and strengthens personal growth.

As part of our treatment, women can reside in our sober living home located in Huntington Beach, CA. This structured setting helps clients to focus on their sobriety while transitioning back to work, education, family and relationships. Clients participate in 12-Step programs while residing in sober living, and sobriety checks, curfews and chore assignments are required for clients.

Transitional Housing Guidelines

For the protection and consideration of all clients living in our home, there are rules in place that must be followed. These rules are crucial to the success of every client in the home as they help prevent relapse by restricting access to activities, behaviors, and substances that can easily lead to relapse. 

    • Zero Tolerance for violence of any kind
    • No overnight guests or pets
    • No drug, alcohol or any controlled substances
    • Compliance and submission to random drug tests
    • Adherance to treatment guidelines
    • Participation in individual or group activities
    • Responsiblity for self-care and house chores

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