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Women’s Outpatient Rehab

About Women’s Outpatient Rehab

Coastline Women’s outpatient rehab program is designed to meet the needs of women seeking effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Women’s outpatient rehab is considered a step down program that gives clients access to all the therapies and activities that our women’s inpatient rehab program offers, with the flexibility to live offsite.

Sometimes referred to as Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), our women’s outpatient rehab allow women well on their way to recovery more flexibility that inpatient programs do. Part of the process outlined in our outpatient care plans is the integration of family life and drug treatment. Each women in our program has unique lifestyle needs and requirements. Our women’s drug counselors work hard to address each patient’s addiction treatment needs on an individual basis.


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Benefits of Women’s Outpatient Rehab

There are several benefits to women’s outpatient rehab programs offered by Coastline rehab centers in Orange County. Access to the highest quality resources for illicit drug addiction treatment and opiates dependence available, with special activities and outings for all women. Some of the specific benefits of our women’s outpatient rehab program are outlined below.


The costs associated with women’s outpatient rehab programs are often substantially less than the cost of women’s inpatient rehab would be. The reason is obvious when considering the costs of staying in a hotel long-term rather than living at home or in a sober living facility. Women’s outpatient rehab is considered the most cost effective way for local women to receive quality drug and alcohol treatment in Huntington Beach.

Live at Home

Depending on the type of substance abuse and the length of alcohol addiction, the option to live at home can be a benefit. Without the hassle of relocating to a treatment center, and the separation from loved ones, some women are able to take advantage of our women’s outpatient rehab services while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Provided they have access to transportation each day, and their home life is stable enough to support this option, some women in our drug rehab choose to commit to our women’s outpatient program for longterm addiction support.

Community Access

Whether it be work community or other positive community opportunities, some women find that our women’s outpatient rehab is a good fit for their lifestyles. Should our counselors support this decision, clients can stay connected to their church, home and employment communities through their rehab process. For many women, this option is not appropriate as the risk of re-engaging with detrimental relationships can sabotage any hard-earned addiction recovery. The community built within our women’s outpatient rehab center is designed to help women with addiction learn to engage the world and all it’s pressures in healthy, constructive ways.

What Our Women’s Outpatient Rehab Provides

We provide our clients access to alcohol addiction treatment, drug addiction rehab, dual diagnosis programs, trauma recovery, 12-step programs, and supervised heroin detox. We believe that each women in our program deserves every opportunity to turn their lives around. We commit to offering our clients activities such as yoga, sand play, hiking, dream analysis, and supsquatch.


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