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Orange County Residential Addiction Treatment For Ladies

Coastline offers women’s Inpatient Drug Rehab to support addiction recovery in a safe, secure environment. The emotional and psychological needs of women are special and should to be protected, especially during any type of drug treatment program. The women’s Inpatient Rehab Program at Coastline was carefully developed too address these needs and provide real treatment and therapies for women seeing sobriety. Our inpatient drug rehab in Orange County helps women receive intensive counseling while addressing each individuals specific drug addiction history.

Each women seeking addiction recovery comes to Coastline with their own story, and sometimes these stories involve trauma, grief, or other deeply disruptive memories that have contributed to addiction. When each client comes to us, we take all these things into account and work with our counselors to craft a program that fits the specific needs of each women. For some needing Women’s Inpatient Rehab In Huntington Beach the length of stay is reasonably short, about 30 days. For others seeking women’s rehab in Orange County the entire rehab process can take up to a year. 

We keep our women’s inpatient rehab small and intimate, allowing for greater healing benefits. Our women are surrounded by highly credentialed and knowledgeable staff, encouraging a sense of belonging and community that women need for growth and recovery. Women’s inpatient rehab allows for gender-specific addiction treatments that provide well rounded options that encourage true recovery. Heroin addiction treatment in Huntington Beach allows women to address rehab holistically, treating the whole body.

Inpatient drug rehab at Coastline is a multi-faceted process. Following initial intake exams and drug detox, treatment includes intensive therapy and psychiatric care. Attendance is required at all group therapy and 12-step meetings each day. Family support and therapy sessions are conducted over the phone or in person as progress is made. Outpatient Addiction Treatment is another step down in the recovery process.

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Why Choose Women’s Rehab Centers?

Counseling Support

For real drug addiction recovery to take place, women in our rehab program will need to be willing to address their substance abuse issues. Taking full responsibility for meth addiction and accepting constructive advice about rebuilding a new future are key. Real change happens when women share honestly and openly with their counselors. Knowing that they are secure in our heroin rehab center in Huntington Beach allows women to open up and begin to break down the strongholds that have contributed to their opiate addictions. Support usually takes place in our Sober Living Facilities


Safety Concerns

Recovering drug addicts must feel protected in their rehab facility. For women’s inpatient rehab to be a success, clients should be able to relax and depend on our staff to provide safety. Since so many women seeking alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County have experienced domestic violence or sexual trauma, the need to feel secure in rehab is vitally important. Women who choose Coastline rehab center know they can focus on their treatment steps for addiction recovery without any negative outside influences.

Biological Issues

There are different biological factors that contribute to the need for gender-specific substance abuse treatment. Because of the different hormone levels in women, the addictive response to certain drugs can be heightened. This can cause rapid progression from drug abuse to full-blown opiate addiction in a very short period of time. These biological responses to drug abuse also affect withdrawal symptoms when women go through alcohol detox. Women tend to feel withdrawal symptoms much more intensely than men do. There is even research that suggests that a women’s menstrual cycle can change hormone levels enough to greatly increase a women’s vulnerability to relapsing into drug use. Our women’s inpatient rehab program employs staff experience with the unique genetic make-up of women and the challenges that women will face while on the road to recovery.


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