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Women’s Drug Addiction Detox

About Women’s Drug Addiction Detox

Women’s drug addiction detox, or drug detoxification, is the first step in Coastline’s drug addiction treatment program. Detox from alcohol or drugs is associated with some unpleasant side effects, and should be attempted under the direction of professionals. Our women’s detox center provides clients with a safe and secure site in which to undergo drug detoxification before beginning a women’s inpatient rehab program.

When abstaining from substances such as heroin and opiates, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. The first stage of drug addiction detox is stabilization. Women dealing with long-term addictions to prescription medications or benzos need a period of stabilization in order to deal with the drug detoxification process. Drug addiction is a disease with physical and psychological components. The intense cravings associated with drug addiction detox can be unmanageable without pharmacological aid.

Drug detoxification is the process by which all drugs and alcohol are purged from the body. When going through drug addiction detox for heroin, the drug cravings and brain chemical changes can be very uncomfortable. Women going through heroin detox will experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms as the drug clears their system. Sweating, anxiety, extreme muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and agitation.


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Support During Detox

Some women exhibit violent behaviors as they begin to detox. Some addictive substances such as bath salts cause a higher risk of violence. In order to protect women from themselves, and to protect others, sedation may be required. Symptoms of psychosis are quite common during drug addiction detox and more common in cocaine addiction and other stimulant addictions. Some of the symptoms women who are detoxing from cocaine might experience are hallucinations and delusional thinking.

Opiate addiction detox patients require specialized drug addiction detox care as the severe pain that lead to the prescribed drug often comes back immediately. This severe pain can be so extreme that sedation or opiate antagonists are often prescribed to help women deal with they withdrawal symptoms. At Coastline, women in our drug addiction detox program receive a full physical with in-depth history so that we can anticipate some of their detox needs.


For PCP addicts going through drug addiction detox Coastline takes steps to protect each client from themselves as they go through withdrawal. PCP, or phencyclidine, is a very powerful drug that can cause women to feel fearless and powerful. This drug can also cause an increased risk of suicidal tendencies and women going through PDP detox will need to be closely monitored by our trained staff.

Each women undergoing drug addiction detox will experience withdrawal symptoms that are directly related to their specific drug of choice. For women who have been addicted for long periods of time, the length of withdrawal can be increased. The type of drug abused will also impact an individuals withdrawal symptoms. Should both alcohol and drugs be present in their systems during detox, the symptoms can exacerbate each other. The level of drugs in the system at the time of admission to drug addiction detox will also impact the detox experience. If a client has taken large quantities of drugs such as heroin or oxycodone, the symptoms can be severe.


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